Conspiracy theorist spots alien UFO harvesting energy from lightning (VIDEO)

UFO Lightning
YouTube: Secureteam10

YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' has uploaded a mysterious video featuring a triangular shaped flying object travelling through a streak of lightning. The triangular shaped object is seen travelling through the lightning as if it is wheeling in its desired path.

According to the narrator of the video, the UFO might be either hit by the lightning, or it may be harvesting energy from the lightning using advanced alien techniques. The conspiracy theorist also claimed that the sighting was captured from a central European country, without naming it.

In the same video, the conspiracy theory channel also released several other photos where unidentified flying objects were spotted during the times of lightning. In one of the photos unveiled, we can see more than four UFOs appeared in formation in the skies during multiple lightning bolts.

The video which was uploaded just 24 hours ago has already received more than 225,000 views on YouTube. As the video went viral, viewers started putting forward various theories explaining these mysterious sightings.

"I'm totally shocked at that! To see a ship within the lighting is crazy!!" commented high1voltage1rules, a YouTube user. Another YouTube user 'One of Five' commented that these alien vehicles are charging batteries from the lightning.

"It makes sense... UFO's are often seen around power-lines, power-plants, and other sources of power. I've personally seen strange craft near power-lines several times," commented another user Cryptic Creations.

This is not the first time that alien UFOs are spotted near thunderclouds and bolts of lightning. In December 2018, conspiracy theory channel 'UFOToday' released a video which shows four UFOs moving towards the thundercloud in the eeriest manner.

This article was first published on May 6, 2018
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