Chipotle Karen: White Woman Attacks Black Customers, Dubbing Masks 'Modern-Day Segregation'

An unidentified white woman was caught accusing Chipotle staff of discrimination over their mask mandate in Las Vegas. The incident, which was recorded by a customer, was shared widely on the social media.

Following the outbreak of the global pandemic coronavirus in December 2019, health authorities had said the use of facial masks was one of the precautionary measures to curb the spread. In US alone COVID-19 has infected nearly 30 million people while killing more than 536,000.

Chipotle Karen
Woman dubbed as 'Chipotle Karen' by social media users. Twitter

Chipotle Karen Attacks Black Customer When Told to Go Away

The nearly-minute long video, shared on Tiktok, comes with a caption saying, "Tell me you're a Karen without telling me you're a Karen."

The woman dubbed as 'Chipotle Karen' by the netizens is seen with her face mask pulled down as she argues with the female staff members at the outlet over long waiting period to get food. "Look at all these people waiting. Forty-five minutes they've all been waiting," the woman is heard saying as the video begins.

Suddenly, she starts screaming, "You know what? F**k your mask! F**k all you people. I'm taking a stand. Thank you. Thank you. F**k all the masks. F**k 'em,"

Walking towards the door, the woman turns towards the woman recording the incident and says: "I love all of you people. You know what? I love you. You're a beautiful woman."

It is when she is near the door, the woman shouts, "You know what? This is modern-day segregation."

At this point, a black customer sitting at a table tells her to "go away," which led to an abusive rant by the Chipotle Karen. "F*ck you, b*tch!" she shouts before throwing items kept on the table towards the customers. "You want to tell me to go away?! F*ck you!" she shouts before exiting the outlet.

Internet Ridicules 'Modern-Day Segregation'

The video, which was first shared by a user Jordan McIntosh (@jordanlynnmcintosh) on TikTok, has gone viral on multiple social media platforms. The woman's reaction invited a lot of comments from the users.

"Watch as Karen has a public meltdown over a mask mandate.... > old enough to get "it" stupid because she'd rather Rant & Rave then calmly get her Mexican food !" tweeted a user while sharing the video.

"She walked up on Tammy and Angie and not Shaniqua and Ramenesha because if she walked up on the latter she would've got dog walked and would've been apart of the chipotle menu as a Karen asswhoopo basket," wrote another.

"Did she point at those black women and say "I love all you people? I love you." and then attack them? Shes not entitled anymore and that makes her angry...poor Chipotle Karen," wrote another.