Dramatic Video Shows Afghan Man Taking Selfie as He Clings to C-17 Plane Taking Off from Kabul Airport [GRAPHIC]

The man can also been waving his hand to a crowd of people stranded on the tarmac who couldn't board the aircraft.

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A chilling video has emerged that shows a man making a video in which he is recording himself and other Afghans clinging to a US Air Force plane that was taxing for takeoff from Kabul airport as they made a desperate bid to flee the war-torn country. The man is seen smiling and waving his hand to people stranded on the tarmac.

The dramatic video was taken on Monday as thousands crowded Kabul airport to flee the country. At least two people plunged to their death, while another was found dead in the landing gear in the same C-17 aircraft this man is clinging on to.

Dramatic Scene

The man in the video, which he recorded as he fled Kabul on a C-17 aircraft along with around 600 others, is seen smiling as he clings on to a handle inside the plane. His smile is understandable given that he managed to board the plane, while several remain stranded. He also recorded several other Afghans who like him managed to cling on to the aircraft as it was taxing for takeoff.

The man then waves his hand to a crowd of people lining the tarmac a day after the Taliban toppled the Afghan government, sparking a mad scramble to find outgoing flights.

Afghan Man recording himself
The Afghan man recording himself as eh clings to the plane Twitter

At least two people were seen plunging to their deaths after the giant C-17 Globemaster jet gained altitude over Kabul. This man was lucky given that he managed to enter the aircraft although the doors remained open and posed great risk for the men clinging on to the doors and seats.

As the plane starts moving, dozens can also be seen trying to grip onto the fuselage of the transport aircraft.

Chaotic Scene

While this man managed to escape from Afghanistan, the utter chaos at the airport prompted the US military to temporarily suspend evacuations — both military and civilian — to clear people from the airfield. US officials said seven people were killed, including two shot by US troops, after the crowds stormed the international airport and swarmed the tarmac.

Afghan men clinging
The Afghan men recorded others clinging from the C-17 aircraft Twitter

Several videos have emerged over the past 24 hours showing thousands of Afghans trying to flee the country to escape the wrath of the Taliban. The shocking scenes came just hours after the Taliban toppled the Western-backed Afghan government after a week-long onslaught across the country.

The country's President Ashraf Ghani also fled the country on Sunday living citizens in danger. According to local reports several people have died in a desperate bid to flee the country.