Fashion Influencer and AFL WAG Nadia Bartel Caught Snorting White Powder in Leaked Instagram Video

The video shows Bartel, the former wife of AFL star Jimmy Bartel leaning over a plate and snorting white powder at a gathering.

A video footage of Australian socialite and high-profile AFL WAG Nadia Bartel appearing to snort a line of white powder off a plate has become public, in what appears to be a case of an accidental Instagram upload. The video shows Bartel, a fashion designer and the former wife of AFL star Jimmy Bartel leaning over a plate and snorting white powder at a gathering.

The video was reportedly accidently posted on Thursday by one of Bartel's friend but was quickly removed. However, screen grabs of the video still made its way to the social media and is being widely circulated since then.

Accidental Upload

Nadia Bartel
Nadia Bartel snorting white powder off plate at a gathering Twitter

The three-second video appears to show Bartel, 36, snorting a line of white powder off a $1.50 Kmart plate at a house party. The video shows Nadia accompanied by three other people – two of whom are seen without masks – in the unspecified indoor location. One dar-haired woman is seen holding the plate with several lines of powder cut on it.

As Bartel leans over to snort the powder, a third woman displays a two-fingered hand gesture in the background.

Since the video is too short, not much can be seen. The clip shows the fashion industry influencer leaning with a rolled-up banknote in her left nostril, while she presses her right nostril and then snorts one line of powder at one go.

Nadia Bartel
Nadia Bartel Instagram

According to reports the video was accidently uploaded to Instagram by Bartel's friend and business partner Ellie Pearson on Thursday night but quickly deleted it after realizing the goof up. However, it was a bit too late by that time.

What Was She Up To?

It is not known what Bartel was snorting as the video clip is too short but social media immediately got engaged in a lengthy debate over the substance. As there is no timestamp or evidence of when the short video was filmed, it's not clear whether this is also a breach of the Victoria's current stay-at-home orders, or if it was filmed before Melbourne went into an extended lockdown.

Also, there is no confirmation from local police and that she was snorting illicit substance still can't be ruled out. The video, which has been widely shared on social media, was mentioned at Premier Daniel Andrews' daily coronavirus briefing on Friday. "I would urge everybody to do their very best to follow the rules, all of the time. I know it's tough, I know it's difficult," he said.

The Geelong great and ex-wife Nadia parted ways in August 2019 following five years of marriage, but it was later revealed the former Cats star had quickly moved on with another woman, Melbourne socialite Lauren Mand.

On the other hand Bartel has turned off comments on her Instagram posts after the embarrassing video was leaked. She has also updated her Instagram bio to remove any reference to her companies, Henne and Spray Aus, perhaps because they were been targeted by trolls.