Chilling Video Shows Mike Tyson Punching Co-Passenger on Plane Leaving Him with Bloodied Face [WATCH]

Before levelling the man with a flurry of strikes, the former heavyweight champion appeared to have reached his breaking point.

A harrowing video has emerged that shows former boxing legend Mike Tyson punching a passenger on a flight slated to leave San Francisco for Florida on Thursday morning, according to reports. Tyson is seen in the video repeatedly punching the man, with blood oozing from his face, TMZreported.

Video of the incident shows a man from a row behind Tyson, excitedly talking to the boxer. However, the passenger tries to get over friendly with Tyson, when he gets up from his seat and starts punching the man. The man is then seen shouting for help but Tyson continues to punch him in the face.

Tyson Gets Brutal

A witness on the plane told TMZ that he and his friend were boarding the flight when they noticed that Tyson was one of the passengers. They then noticed the overexcited passenger who wanted to take a selfie with the boxing legend.

Tyson was initially cool with them and the other passengers but soon things took a wild turn. After taking a selfie with his friend, Tyson, 55, urged the passenger to leave him alone, according to the witness.

Mike Tyson punching passenger
Mike Tyson seen punching a passenger Twitter

Before levelling the man with a flurry of strikes, the former heavyweight champion appeared to have reached his breaking point. According to TMZ, the passenger was "extremely intoxicated" and "wouldn't stop provoking" Tyson, according to a source close to the boxer.

Unable to control his anger further Tyson, who was trying to catch a nap, got up from his seat and started punching the man. The video shows the man taking the punches as he falls back on his seat bloodied.

Tyson Unchanged

Passenger punched
The passenger before and after being punched by Mike Tyson Twitter

The incident might not come as surprise or shock to many given that Tyson is known for being short tempered. The passenger probably was unlucky in this case. However, witnesses say that it was the passenger's fault as he was constantly disturbing Tyson.

The JetBlue passenger is seen on video with a bloodied forehead, and according to the report, he then went to talk with authorities. It is not known if JetBlue has taken any action against Tyson and the unnamed passenger but the fight definitely made the environment tense inside the flight.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson Wikimedia Commons

The incident comes as Tyson was caught keeping his cool when a man challenged him to a fight and took out a gun. That video was filmed at a comedy gig, and it shows the boxer sitting still while the man became increasingly animated, prompting the event's host to order the man to back off.

A gun was drawn and cocked at that point, causing a brief panic among the audience. Tyson, on the other hand, sat motionless while the man put the gun away.

One witness said that Tyson walked off the plane a few seconds after the flight, probably because he wanted to lodge a police complaint.