Caroline Cruz Tries to Commit Suicide? Speculations on Social Media After 'Mystery' Teen Sustains Self-Inflicted Stab Wound at Ted Cruz's House

Concerns were raised for Caroline Cruz, the teenage daughter of Republican US Senator Ted Cruz, after reports about 14-year-old girl at the property suffering from self-inflicted stab wounds to her arms surfaced on social media. The police and medical personnel were called to the Senator's Texas home even though the identity of the victim wasn't revealed.

Caroline Cruz
Caroline Cruz, daughter of Republican US Senator Ted Cruz. Twitter

Caroline Came Out at Bi-Sexual Last Year

The Daily Beast reported that the young girl was taken to the hospital. Responding to the outlet, a representative for Cruz's office said that it was a family matter, and thankfully the Senator's daughter is okay.

"There were no serious injuries. The family requests that the media respect their daughter's privacy at this time," said the rep.

Cruz has two daughters, Catherine, 11, and Caroline, 14. Last year in a TikTok video Caroline had posted a video disclosing her sexual identity as bisexual. It isn't the first time that Senator's relationship with his daughter has hit public eye.

Caroline was seen refusing to hug her father during the 2016 presidential campaign trail. The video shows the teenager flinching and shouting 'Ow Ow Ow' as Cruz went on to hug and kiss her forcibly.

Social Media Offers Support, Bashes Cruz

Even though the authorities refused to disclose the identity of the girl, social media was flooded with messages concerning Caroline Cruz along with bashing up the Republican.

"A 14 year old female child that lives in Texas came out last year as bisexual. Tonight she attempted suicide. This is what the hateful laws against the LGBTQ+ do to children. This child is Ted Cruz's daughter," tweeted a user.

"To Ted Cruz's daughter. There's a whole country of love and support for you and your feelings. Everything you feel is valid. These are hard years, and sometimes our families don't support us in the ways that we need, but there is a tribe for you out there no matter how you feel," tweeted another user.

"Imagine having a father who has made a political career out of being anti-LGBTQ and then coming out as bisexual at 14. I can't imagine what Ted Cruz has put his daughter through. That child deserves love and I'm praying for her to be okay," expressed another user.