Can earth withstand an alien invasion during the time of coronavirus chaos?

Experts believe that world powers like the United States and Russia should unite in the wake of a probable alien invasion in the future

Several space experts strongly believe that the universe is home to intelligent alien species, and one day, these extraterrestrials will make the first contact with humans. Even though space agencies like NASA have been trying their best to discover alien life forms, they have not succeeded in discovering authentic signs of extraterrestrial existence.

However, the way in which earth will respond to a possible alien invasion still remains a topic of debate, and experts believe that it all depends on the nature of extraterrestrials that visit the blue planet.

Contact with dangerous aliens

A study report published in 2011 had predicted that first contact with uncooperative aliens could turn dangerous, and it may even wipe off life from the surface of the earth.

"While humanity has not yet observed any extraterrestrial intelligence, contact with ETI remains possible. Contact with uncooperative extra-terrestrial intelligence seems likely to be harmful to humanity," wrote the researchers in the study report.

alien attack
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Professor Paul Springer who works at the Air Command and Staff College in Alabama had told an Australian TV program in 2012 that Washington has every plan for even the most unlikely military threats that include alien attack. As per Springer, the US army will initially try to preserve forces and will try to learn more about the enemy and their weapons as much as possible.

Springer also believes that world powers like the United States and Russia will join hands against the deadly aliens that pose a threat to the existence of humanity.

Can earth withstand alien attack during coronavirus lockdown?

The coronavirus that apparently originated from a Wuhan seafood market is now creating chaos in all nooks of the planet, and this deadly pandemic has already killed more than 2,07,023 people worldwide. As the planet is now battling an invisible enemy like coronavirus, an alien attack during this time could turn devastating.


Most of the countries are now locked down, and an alien invasion, resembling scenarios in Hollywood movies such as Independence Day during these days could turn things upside down. People will start panicking, and they will run for their lives. As people fail to maintain social distancing, coronavirus will spread like wildfire, and authorities will find it hard to manage the pandemic and alien attack simultaneously.

Will an alien invasion ever happen?

Even though we cannot rule out the chances of a possible alien invasion, space experts believe that the first extraterrestrial contact will be with microbes. As per these space scientists, humans will soon discover alien life forms, mostly in microbial forms on Mars or Saturn's moon Enceladus.

A few months back, NASA scientist Jim Green had predicted that alien life will be discovered on Mars before 2021. However, he made it clear that humanity is not prepared enough to accept the reality surrounding extraterrestrial existence.

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