Alien activity on moon? Amateur astronomer spots mysterious UFO hovering above lunar surface

The unidentified flying objects (UFO) that hovered above the moon also cast their shadows on the lunar surface

UFO Moon
Multiple flying objects were seen hovering above the moon YouTube: Jean-Michel Tenac

A strange video of the moon uploaded by an amateur astronomer named Jean-Michel Tenac is now the hottest topic of discussion among alien enthusiasts and space experts. In the clip, multiple UFOs can be seen hovering above the moon, and interestingly, they appear to be casting their shadows on the lunar surface.

Alien activities on moon?

The video uploaded by Tenac soon went viral, and it has already racked up more than 6,90,000 views on YouTube. Most of the viewers strongly argued that the video is authentic proof of alien presence within the solar system. The conspiracy theorists also claimed that aliens might be using advanced space vessels to travel across space. According to these alien buffs, extraterrestrial aliens might have reached the moon to know what is happening on the earth, as the entire world is shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The video clip was also analyzed by a popular conspiracy theorist who runs the YouTube channel Disclose Screen. In an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, he claimed that this is undoubtedly the best UFO video he has ever seen.

"The only way to be 100% sure is if the operator of the channel provides us with a download link of the raw video file. The date these UFOs were captured corresponds with the phase of the moon at that time. If it is a fake it's one of the best I have seen, I can't see any flaws in the video myself although you do have the 'experts' in the comment section trying to point out flaws in the video but they are just pulling at straws. I've seen many UFO/moon videos and this one ranks one of the best," the conspiracy theorist told the Daily Star.

Skeptics call it a hoax

Even though the new video has gone viral online and has convinced conspiracy theorists, skeptics strongly argue that the clip has nothing to do with aliens or extraterrestrials. The skeptics say that people are making use of the lockdown period to hone their editing skills, claiming that the clip was done using computer graphics.

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