BTS RM on his Break Up: 'She did Things that Were Unacceptable as a Girlfriend' [Throwback]

BTS members have spoken about wide variety of topics in the interviews and fans' interactions, but the septet has always avoided talking about their relationship. Even when the questions around their affairs and break-ups arise, they have cleverly refused to answer through funny or witty responses.

Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon aka RM. Instagram

However, there was once BTS' RM aka Kim Namjoon spoke about his ex-girlfriend and break-up. The leader of the septet, on the South Korean television show Problematic Men in 2015, had about his high-school love story.

His Statement
"There was a girl that I dated in high school, 4-5 years ago. A relationship is something that you can't really define. But, to put it into perspective, it is as if a circle and a triangle trying to become a square and we didn't match well in that process," he was quoted as saying in the interview by HT.

According to him, his ex-girlfriend had many male friends, and he had no problem with it, but there was something that the BTS member did not like about her. "She had a lot of guy friends. To be honest, having a lot of guy friends isn't a problem. But, in my circumstances and from my point of view, she did things that were unacceptable as a girlfriend. And, so we continued to argue. And if things continue like this, I figured this would have an effect on my pure feelings for her. So we ended things," he added.

RM's Link Ups
RM has been officially single for many years. However, there have been many speculations around his love affairs. He was once linked up with South Korean singer Ailee. It was all started after they emceed numerous events together.

He was also rumoured to be dating MAMAOO's singer Hwasa. They started liking each other after their encounter at Seoul Music Awards 2017. Rumors of his affair with TWICE's Chaeyoung were doing rounds.

However, none of the rumours have been confirmed by either of the two parties. Thus he remains one of the most eligible bachelors in the K-pop industry.

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