Blackpink Fans Body Shame, Pass Lewd Comments on BTS' V, Jimin; ARMY Calls for Disbandment of Girl Group

The fans of BTS and Blackpink are at loggerheads again. It all started after the rumours of the girl group getting disbandment started doing rounds online

BTS and Blackpink
BTS and Blackpink. PR Handout

Toxic Comments
A small segment of the Blackpink fans, popularly known as Blinks, started hurling abuses at the fans of BTS, known as ARMY, for the reasons best known to them. The below-the-belt comments, and rape jokes aimed at RM, V, and Jimin.

Body shaming and racist comments were also passed against the BTS members, angering the admirers of the boy group, who have responded to toxic comments by calling for a disbanding of the girl group using the hashtag - #blackpinkdisband.

There has been a long history of fan wars between the BTS and Blackpink. Every time, a new album or song hits the store, the clash between the two parties begins on social media sites usually over the records.

This time, some toxic comments went to the extent of passing ill remarks over V's grandma.

ARMY Slams YG Entertainment
The BTS Army has also attacked YG Entertainment for not controlling Blackpink fans. However, as the social media wars between the two parties intensified, some sections of the boy group too passed lewd comments.

BTS Fans Reaction:

Nilu⁷ ♡︎Butterfly: We all know toxicity is in every fandom but the majority of the blinks are toxic. No hate to bp but blinks are disgusting and awful. They include bts in r@pe jokes, misgendering, xenophobia and shit about them all the time. AND THIS NEEDS TO STOP. #blackpinkdisband

JIMINIOPPA °♡° oppa! _yeah!!: MF blinks DONT FORGET ur standards
like wtf always crossing ur mf limits
But pls can I say smtg
Ubsay we r toxic THN WHAT ARE U A TRASH

Jammy ᴱᴺ⁻ Loves jimin: "Blackpink isn't over -rated , they are over - hated" if their fandom behaves like this then how will someone love your artist? Explain blinks? #blackpinkdisband

rae: #blackpinkdisband is trending now i hope they address the mess their blinks have created

Jammy ᴱᴺ⁻ Loves jimin: Body shaming , de@7h thre@ts and what not did blinks gave bts and army's. Bighit take strong action towards this please . Let's protect our artist together #blackpinkdisband

NEZ⁷: Some of the blinks attacking this man, why? Because y'all can't accept the fact that this man is hot, talented, hard working and has worked up to his place #WeLoveYouJimin #blackpinkdisband

Kim_parkjeon 박 김전Purple heart: Blinks proved to be toxic again. I mean seriously this is not okay and you are all messing with the wrong fandom. Those Toxic Blinks are literally the most xenophobic, racist, most stupid people I've ever seen..
Blinks are the most worst fandom.

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