TWICE's Chaeyong Dating Tattoo Artist Chim Hwasa: Fans Give More 'Evidence' While Agency Issues Statement

As soon as the rumors spread, Chim Hwa Sa, the tattoo artist in question, is said to have deleted his social media accounts.

Rumors claim that Son Chae Young, popularly known as Chaeyoung, is dating. With the Kpop star not responding to the rumors yet, fans are trying to find more details and proof about the singer's dating life. Currently, the rumor started because of an image uploaded on social media claiming it was Chaeyoung with tattoo artist Chim Hwa Sa.

A picture of a couple at a supermarket became viral when fans started floating the message that it was Chaeyoung with her boyfriend. Fans came to the conclusion because of the hat Chaeyoung was wearing. They said that Chaayoung was wearing the same white fluffy hat that she previously wore during TWICE's talk show last month.

TWICE member Chaeyoung [L], and [R] image posted by fans claiming it to be Chaeyoung and tattoo artist Chim Hwa Sa. Twitter

Rumors of Paris Trip, Couple Rings Surge

Fans also claimed that the man in the picture was Chim Hwa Sa considering the tattoo on his hand. As the news broke, fans started collecting more evidences of Chaeyoung dating. News that Chaeyoung was spotted with Chim in Paris also has started making rounds. There were also rumors that both were wearing couple rings.

However, none of the news is confirmed. When the dating rumors were published by the media, Chaeyoung's agency JYP Entertainment issued a statement. But refusing to reveal any more information, the agency stated: "We do not have any special official stance."

Image claimed to be of Chaeyoung with tattooo artist Chim Hwa Sa. Twitter
Chim drawing
A drawing shared on Chim's Instagram page. Instagram

In another set of rumors, fans also posted the image of drawings by Chim that were shared on his social media and claimed that one of the drawings resembled Chaeyoung. It is said that Chaeyoung's brother was following Chim on social media.

Chim Hwa Sa Deletes Social Media Accounts

After the dating rumors spread, Chim has deleted his social media handles. Neither Chaeyoung nor Chim have given any clarification regarding the issue. Netizens are still trying to prove their point without any proper source or confirmation.

Chaeyoung is a 21-year-old Korean rapper and singer. She joined Kpop girl group TWICE in 2015. TWICE was formed by JYP Entertainment and Chaeyoung is one of the founding members of the group. But not much is known about the tattoo artist Chim. It is said that his real name is Jung Sung Hyun. Reports also claim that he is nine years older to Chaeyoung.

Currently, netizens are putting together Chaeyoung's pictures showing her tattoos. They are claiming that the singer has multiple tattoos, some of which were recently engraved. However, this does not prove that Chaeyoung is dating tattoo artist because most of the Kpop stars including BTS members have multiple tattoos and it is not a rare phenomenon.

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