BTS Member Jimin Transforms into DJ for Fans on Melon Station; Shares his Playlist with Music Lovers

BTS member Jimin has transformed into a sweet DJ for a day for his fans across the globe on Melon Station, one of the original audio content services in South Korea. The young heartthrob took part in a radio broadcast on July 2 and shared some of his favorite songs with music lovers across the globe.

A few of the songs shared by the 25-year-old K-pop idol include In Return by French musician Breakout, I Need Some Sleep by American rock band Eels, Coffee Shop by Canadian singer Barbara Lica, Saturday Nights Remix by American singer Khalid and A Song About Being Sad by British recording artist Rex Orange County. He described them as healing songs and said he loves listening to these songs when he is alone.

Serendipity Singer Explains Why he Loves Listening to Sad Songs When he is alone.

After sharing his playlist with the listeners, the Serendipity singer explained his love for soft music and sad songs. The singer said he loves listening to songs whenever he is alone because he believes it helps him relax. He also asked his fans to listen to a few beautiful and healing songs when alone while walking, driving, and struggling to sleep at night.

BTS member Jimin has shared the list of his favourite songs with fans around the world. BigHit Entertainment

"When people are alone, a lot of the songs they listen to tend to be depressing or bring down the mood. But when you are alone, isn't it okay to get a bit emotional? That's why I listen to these songs, which are real songs that help me sleep. So, I would love it if you can all enjoy them too," the Korean heartthrob said.

The Filter singer said the song In Return is a highly recommended song from his playlist because he likes the music and lyrics of the song. He asked all his fans to listen to this song at least once and said he listens to it quite often. Another song recommended by the K-pop idol is A Song About Being Sad, and he described it as a relaxing song.

Jimin appeared on the radio broadcast as an official guest of the program called BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD. This music show was launched by Melon Station in association with Big Hit Entertainment exclusively for the artists under the agency, and BTS members are the first official guests of this show.

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