Ed Sheeran Collaborates With BTS, 'Shape Of You' Singer to be a Part of Butter CD Version?

Will Ed Sheeran be a part of new CD version of second English single of BTS 'Butter'? Here is what Big Hit Music has to say!

American singer Ed Sheeran has collaborated with kings of KPop music BTS. The news has been confirmed by Big Hit Entertainment. The Shape of You singer revealed the news in a recent interview. He called the BTS super cool guys.

Ed Sheeran spoke about BTS on the American radio show Most Requested Live. He was invited to speak about his new single Bad Habits. After speaking about his single, Sheeran expressed his love for BTS and said: "I've actually worked with BTS on their last record, and I've just written a song for their new record. And they're like super, super cool guys as well."

Ed Sheeran BTS
Ed Sheeran has collaborated with BTS for the second time. Instagram

BTS Butter CD Version to be Out in July

The news has now been confirmed by Big Hit Music (BHM) that manages BTS. Speaking to Newsen, BHM said it was true that Ed Sheeran was taking part in BTS' new song. But details about the song or Ed Sheeran's work for BTS have not been revealed yet.

However there are talks that he might be a part of new CD version of BTS' Butter. Speaking in this regard BHM had earlier said that the Butter CD version will make fans heart beat to the rhythm of BTS' positive energy. This is scheduled to be released in July. Reacting to this, BHM stated that it cannot reveal any more details about the Butter CD version.

There are also chances that Ed Sheeran will be a part of new single of BTS. This is not Ed Sheeran's first collaboration with BTS. In fact, the American singer – songwriter had worked with BTS for their single Make It Right, which was a part of BTS's 2019 album Map of the Soul: Persona.

BTS' Global Reach

With the success of Dynamite, BTS has really gone global. BTS' first even full English single Dynamite was written by British songwriter, record producer and musician David Stewart and British songwriter Jessica Agombar. Their second English single Butter was written by Canadian songwriter Jenna Andrews along with Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, Alex Bilowitz, Sebastian Garcia, Ron Perry and BTS member RM.

ARMY [BTS fans] have said that they are extremely happy not only for the collaboration, but also how Ed Sheeran likes BTS genuinely. "Ed Sheeran genuinely likes BTS and respect them as artists sm... Remember he asked for all 7 members on MIR cuz he wanted it to be like Spring Day type song.. He has explored thr discography," said a twitterati.

"Ed Sheeran just casually said he wrote a new song for BTS, that was so surprising, anyways he is a great writer/composer his last work with BTS on "Make It Right" was top tier, you knows damn well he took his time in listening to BTS discography too, god bless I can't wait," said another netizen.

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