The Music Day 2021: BTS, ENHYPEN, TXT, and TWICE to perform Live on Nippon TV

Popular Korean music bands, including BTS, ENHYPEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), and TWICE, are gearing up to perform live during the annual music festival, The Music Day 2021. The event is organized by the first Japanese commercial TV station called Nippon TV, and it will be broadcast live on Saturday, July 3.

The ninth annual music festival will be an eight-hour-long performance show that will feature the live onstage acts of popular Korean and Japanese artists. Along with the K-pop idols, Japanese bands, like Hey! Say! Jump, AKB48, Da Pump, King & Prince, Sexy Zone, EXILE, Perfume, and SixTONES, are also lined up to perform at the live event. One of the highlights of this year's fest is the non-stop dance medley with 50 songs.

The Music Day 2021
Popular K-Pop idols, including BTS, to perform at the The Music Day 2021. Nippon TV

Another highlight of this year's annual music festival is the live performance of Bangtan Boys, who will set the stage on fire by performing their latest single, Butter. Last year, RM and his teammates – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jungkook -- showcased special performances for their fans worldwide with their hit songs, Boy With Luv and Dynamite.

Japanese rapper and songwriter Sho Sakurai is hosting the program once again this year. He is hosting the show for the last nine years. NTV hosts Shinichi Hatori, Asami Miura will co-host the annual event with Nippon TV announcers Reina Ichiki and Bakarism.

Check out the Complete Performers List Below:

The Music Day 2021
The Music Day 2021 will be held on July 3. Noppon TV

Aimyon, adieu, Ado, Ikimonogakari, EXIT, EXILE, AKB48, ENHYPEN, Takako Okamura, Yoko Oginome, Official Beard Man dism, ORANGE RANGE, KAT-TUN, Moe Shiraishi , Seki Jani ∞, Kis-My-Ft2, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, King & Prince, Mai Kuraki, Kumi Koda, Sakurazaka 46, Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, Johnny's WEST, Ami Suzuki, SixTONES Snow Man, SEKAI NO OWARI, Sexy Zone, Yoko Takahashi, DA PUMP,DISH //, DEAN FUJIOKA, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra x Kei Tanaka / Yudai Chiba, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, TWICE, NEWS, Nogisaka 46, Novelbright, Hana * Hana, PUFFY, Perfume, Yu Hayami, Pico Taro, Issei, Hinatazaka 46,Nokaze Nofu, V6, Foorin, Hey! Say! JUMP, Gen Hoshino, Iyo Matsumoto, Daichi Miura, Koji Miyamoto, Morning Musume. '21, MONGOL800, Rei Yasuda, Yuri, Yuzu, Little Black Dress, WANIMA, etc.

Nippon TV is organizing The Music Day 2021 since 2013, and this year, it will kick-start at 3 pm KST on Saturday, July 3.

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