Rapper Boosie Badazz Tells Lil Nas X To 'Suck a D*ck' in Homophobic Rant on Instagram

Rapper Boosie Badazz was slammed online for homophobic rant targeting the LGBTQ community and Lil Nas X. The comments were made during an Instagram Live by the rapper on Wednesday.

Earlier Boosie, whose Instagram was banned for violating social media platform's nudity policy, had claimed that it was an act of racism. "How the hell my Instagram was took cause of nudity, it was took cause of fuckin' racist. That's why it was took," the rapper said in a response video from his new Instagram account.

"The girl who I posted on my piano, she had emojis over everything. You took my Instagram and you took her Instagram. You gave her her Instagram back in 3-4 days, but you took my Instagram. Tell the truth. Tell Charlamagne Tha God the truth. That's the fucking truth. The girl I posted on my piano, she had emojis over all her body parts, you took both of our Instagrams, you gave her her Instagram back, you never gave me mine back."

Rapper Boosie Badazz
Rapper Boosie Badazz Twitter

Boosie's account was suspended after he had posted photo of a naked woman sitting on a piano.

Boosie Defends DaBaby in IG Live

Boosie's rant comes days after DaBaby was slammed for making offensive comments about gay people and people suffering from HIV/AIDS during his set at the Rolling Loud Festival on Sunday.

Expressing anger over cancelling DaBaby, Boosie said, "If I was DaBaby, I'll tell them fuck y'all. Lucky I couldn't be DaBaby, I'll tell them fuck y'all bitches. 'Cause he [DaBaby] said something about some shit."

After severe backlash, DaBaby issued a clarification during an IG Live on Monday. "I'ma address this weak-ass internet shit one time and then I'ma get back to giving my love to my fans," DaBaby said.

"What me and my fans do at the live show, it don't concern you n***as on the internet, or you bitter bitches on the internet. It's not your business. ... What I do at a live show is for the audience at the live show, it'll never translate correctly to someone looking a little five-six second clip from they goddamn crib on they phone. It just don't work like that," he added.

Boosie Annoyed Over Lil Nas X Naked Performance Announcement

Targeting Lil Nas X for his tweet announcing that he and Jack Harlow will perform their collaborative song "Industry Baby" naked for charity at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, Boosie said, "Nas X say he wanna perform naked onstage for charity. You don't fuck with him like you fuck with DaBaby. You know, be even-sided, man, be even-sided. You don't feel that disrespect? Going [to] dance naked? You don't think that's disrespect in front of boys who tryna be straight? It's totally disrespect."

He took it farther, saying, "If I'm at an awards [show] and he go up there naked, I'ma drag his ass offstage and beat his ass. You let a n***a dance naked in front your children, you a motherfuckin' crazy motherfucker—or you like dick too."

At another point on his IG Live—at the 21-second mark in the clip,—Boosie called Lil Nas X a "lil f****t ass" and "the most disrespectful motherf***er in the world."