Brian Laundrie 'Accidentally' Goes Live on Instagram; Spotted on a Boat and Updates Petito's Spotify Playlist?

As the search for Gabby Petito's boyfriend Brian Laundrie intensifies, a clip from his 'accidental' Instagram live has surfaced on social media. Currently on the run, Laundrie's 'few seconds' IG Live has sparked fresh speculations about his location.

Laundrie was named a person of interest in Petito's disappearance last week, following which he disappeared. On Sunday, a woman's body was found in Wyoming national park that resembles the body of Petito.

Brian Laundrie
Brian Laundrie Twitter

Laundrie Travelling on a Boat?

The claims about Laundrie going live on his Instagram account surfaced after a video on the YouTube channel White Noise OpEd Commentary claimed the same.

In the video, the woman creator said that one of her friends claimed that "Brian 'accidentally' live-streamed his Instagram for about 2-3 seconds and he was in a boat in a body of water."

"That's why they called off the search and why his parents' house has the yellow scene around it. Because of course, they're searching for anything and everything they can find as evidence," the YouTuber added.

Soon several users shared a clip claiming it to be from Laundrie's IG Live. The video clip shows a body of water and the person using the camera appears to be on some kind of boat.

Some users even claimed that Laundrie was updating his Spotify playlist and Instagram accounts he followed.

Is the clip from Laundrie's IG Live Real?

Speculations are rife on social media about the possible location of Laundrie, with many even claiming that he is likely have fled to Mexico via Alabama, where he was reportedly spotted in Tillman's corner.

However, the IG Live clip pumped up the internet sleuths even more. "If #brianlaundrie accidentally went live for a split second on his Instagram that would be a hard mistake to make. I just attempted to go live and you have to actually select the live option and then press the button to go live. #gabbypetito," tweeted a user.

"I've just seen someone saying about Brian going live on Instagram 10 minutes before the FBI showed up at the Laundrie home, does anyone have any evidence of this?" wrote another user.

"So apparently #BrianLaundrie went live on Instagram??? People took screen shots and sent them to the FBI! Let's hope he is found alive so justice can be served!! he was also on a boat so this narcissist is trying to flee the states! Keep ya eyes open," read another tweet.