Brian Laundrie Found Hanging From a Tree in Florida? Bizarre Theory Baffles Social Media Users After TikTok Video

A new conspiracy theory suggesting that Brian Laundrie's body was found hanging from a tree in Florida has surfaced on the internet. The viral claim emerged after a TikTok user, Bounty, made the baseless claim in his TikTok video.

Laundrie, who remains missing, is a 'Person of Interest' in the disappearance of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito. The case gained momentum after the police found a body in Wyoming national park, which resembles Petito's profile.

Gabby Petito with Brian Laundrie

Is Laundrie Suicidal?

On Friday, the Laundrie family's attorney had raised concern with the police officials about the 23-year-old being untraceable and having no contact with his family.

"Be advised that the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie are currently unknown. The FBI is currently at the Laundrie residence removing property to assist in locating Brian. As of now the FBI is now looking for both Gabby and Brian," the family's attorney said.

Speaking to the Insider, Harvey Morse, a private investigator with Florida's Locaters International Inc., said that the police are exploring the likelihood of Laundrie being either in hiding or liley to attempt a suicide.

Stating that the likelihood of Laundrie attempting suicide were "above average", Morse said that it 'was because if he ended up facing charges in Florida in connection with Petito's disappearance, there could be severe legal consequences.'

The investigator also told the outlet that the massive media coverage on the Petito's case is a likely indicator for the authorities that Laundrie might attempt suicide rather than go into hiding.

Social Media Raises Concern

Even though there is no authenticity to the claims being made in the TikTok video, several social media users fell prey to the viral hoax.

"There is a man on Tik Tok video saying he heard from a friend in the community where Brian Laundrie lived saying that they found him hanging in a tree??? @NorthPortPolice Is this what the family will announce tomorrow?" tweeted a user.

"Has anyone heard anything about Brian Laundrie being found? Hanging from a tree?? Serious question," wrote another.

"I don't know if this is true but there are some social media accounts claiming they found Brian Laundrie hanging from a tree, that he committed suicide," tweeted another.

"So I'm seeing reports that presser is cancelled for tomorrow and either Brian LAUNDRIE has been found or possibly dead by suicide? NOT I'M STILL SEARCHING TO CLARIFY SOURCES," read another tweet.