Boxer Isiah Jones Dies After Being Shot in the Head by Family Member During Argument

It is not known if his brother is the shooter but the Detroit Police Department said that they have launched an investigation.

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Boxer Isiah Jones has died aged 26 after he was shot in the head during a dispute with a family member. His trainer, Roshawn Jones, told The Ring that the boxer had reportedly been arguing with his brother. It is not known if his brother is the shooter but the Detroit Police Department said that they have launched an investigation.

Also, it is not known what led to the argument but Roshawn Jones said that he had been worried about the boxer's safety. Isiah Jones turned pro after winning the 2016 National Golden Gloves and also fought on DAZN. He posted a professional record of 9-7 (3 knockouts), had an amateur record of 52-2.

Dispute Gets Dirty

Isiah Jones
Isiah Jones Twitter

The Detroit Police Department informed The Ring that a 28-year-old man with name of Isiah Jones was shot and murdered by a relative around 6:26 p.m. in the 9300 block of Stout Street. However, no other information was provided. Later, Roshawn confirmed Isiah's death and paid tribute to him.

With trainer Roshawn Jones tweeted: "Lost his life yesterday in a tragic event! Please keep his family in your prayers."

Isiah Jones
Isiah Jones Twitter

"Him not turning down fights, every fight that he took, the odds were stacked against him," added Roshawn.

"He had enough heart and courage to take them. He could have taken the easier route and just padded his record."

DAZN boxing correspondent Corey Erdman said on Tuesday: "Received the horrible news that middleweight Isiah Jones was killed last night."

Isiah Jones
Isiah Jones during one of his fights Twitter

It is not known what lead to the dispute but according to police, the boxer was shot in the head and died instantly. Roshawn also revealed he had asked Isiah to move to Ohio for safety reasons.

Roshawn said that had been worried about Isiah still living in Detroit.

And he added: "When you're living in poverty there is more frustration, more stressful energy. When you're poor it's easier to get mad."

Death of a Talent

Isiah won all eight of his first professional fights while being coached by Roshawn and Kenneth Ross after taking home the 2016 National Golden Gloves title. After leaving that camp, he lost his next seven fights in a row, including a points loss against Andrew Murphy in July. At the time of his death, he was reportedly preparing to return to the ring.

Isiah Jones
Isiah Jones Twitter

In his professional career, Jones, who had a remarkable amateur record of 52-2 and three knockouts, last defeated the unbeaten Donte Stubbs in 2020.

The Ring say Isiah was in training while seeking another fight at the time of his death.

Alongside an emotional video, trainer Roshawn wrote on Twitter: "Isaiah Jones (9-7-0) is a Pro Boxer out of Detroit, Michigan, a fellow member of Soul City Boxing and Wrestling Gym, our last fight was against Roy jones jr Promotion Team!"

Isiah Jones
Isiah Jones Twitter

Tributes have been pouring in since news of his death broke. "Terrible tragedy. Condolences," wrote one fan.

"Terrible news. R.I.P.," wrote another fan, while a third Tweeted: "Rest in Peace Isiah."

Isiah Jones had two children. Roshawn said that he frequently engaged in bloody fights merely to support them.

"He was a very great father, he provided for his kids. He was a hard worker. Everyone is not perfect in life but he was a good human being. He'd make you smile and laugh and was a great role model in the gym. Very humble and respectful," said Roshawn Jones.