Cheerleading Gym in South Carolina Accused of Sexually Abusing Underage Athletes and Exposing Them to Drugs and Alcohol

A cheerleading gym "Rockstar Cheer" in South Carolina has been sexually exploiting minor athletes by taking them away from their homes and exposing them to drugs, alcohol, and forced sex at the hands of coaches and choreographers.

A lawsuit filed in Greenville Federal Court accused Scott and Kathy Foster, the owners of the Rockstar Cheer gym and its parent companies for sexually exploiting minor athletes and collecting hefty amounts from their parents in the name of training.

It is noteworthy that as the investigations commenced, Scott knew that there was no way to escape, hence he shot himself dead on August 22.

Rockstar Cheer gym

The news has sent shock waves in the people who have taken to social media platforms lambasting the people involved in this heinous crime.

How Did Something So Obnoxious Remain Hidden from Law Enforcement Agency? Questions Social Media

A faction of social media followers has pointed towards the complaints of victims adding that how could law enforcement agency not get a whiff of something so obnoxious happening at such a large scale.

A report published by Fox News referred to Strom Law Firm attorney Bakari Sellers's statement that said: "This was a factory of abuse designed specifically to generate two things: a constant supply of underage victims for Scott Foster and his fellow predators and a billion- dollar revenue stream to Varsity Spirit, USASF and Bain Capital. Instead of protecting these young men and women, they victimized them and cashed their checks."

A Twitter user while replying to @nvusintx and @CheerFessions1 stated as someone who's cheer recently at rockstar in a different location, it's not even embarrassment it's shock that this is actually real and disgusted that this was happening for so long/ or AT ALL. this shouldn't reflect on any of the athletes, it's not our/their faults.

Another user shared, "Scott Foster abused DOZENS of underage girls at his nationally recognized cheerleading gym, over a 20 year period They allege the abuse was overlooked by others at Rockstar Cheer and Varsity Sports, and the U.S. All Star Federation is culpable."

"Parents, coaches, sport journalists - is anyone aware of a company or organization that trains young athletes to understand safe boundaries and when/how to report? #RockstarCheer #usasf #varsity #allstarcheer #gymnastics" read a tweet.