Boston Nurse Quits Job To Earn Millions as OnlyFans Stripper, Sharing Videos of 'Having Sex With Husband' Online

A nurse-turned-OnlyFans star is currently earning a whopping $250,000 a month by sharing X-rated videos from her sex life after quitting her job to have sex with her husband. Allie Rae, 37 says she has 'no regrets' about leaving her job as a nurse and venturing into the adult business. Rae, a mother of three sons aged aged 18, 17 and 12, said, "My husband has always been very supportive of what I do and when I had to leave my hospital job it was a joint decision to go full-time with OnlyFans."

She said that even if her husband features in the racy videos, he doesn't want any limelight. "He hates the camera and doesn't show his face, just his parts," she added. Despite their racy alternative lifestyle, the blonde beauty said they are just a normal couple. "We live a very normal life for the most part," the mother pf three said.

Rae, had to make a decision to leave her vocation of 15 years after her colleagues discovered her racy side business and allegedly reported her to the management where she was serving as a senior neonatal nurse last year.

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However, the former nurse is now making more money than what she used to earn ever and loves that her husband, Steve, 38, who was earlier working as an airline worker, joined her in the process.

Speaking of filming their adult content, Rae said, "Steve and I don't film every day; maybe two or three times a month. The rest of the time we are just parents who run a business from home."

"Our kids have chores, we watch movies together, go to dinner, they get grounded, etc. – just like the average family. Doing OnlyFans has afforded me the opportunity to be home with my kids so much more," the OnlyFans Stripper expressed.

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Earlier, a pastor-turned-stripper Nikole Mitchell made headlines after she swapped church life to join X-rated business to earn millions. Mitchell, a bisexual, became an overnight sensation for her unusual life story and is currently winning hearts with her motivational lessons on social media platform apart from posting sexy photos and racy videos to entice her fans.

This article was first published on January 29, 2022