Bisexual OnlyFans Stripper Nikole Mitchell Shows Off Her Piano Skills [Video]

Pastor-turned-OnlyFans model Nikole Mitchell is full of talent and it's not us saying. The OnlyFans model has left fans stunned with a video that shows her playing the piano. Nikole rocked a pink-colored bikini and is spotted singing in the video that has garnered much attention on the social media platform. The mother-of-three left her church life to turn into a stripper for the adult content platform OnlyFans only to make millions.

The self-proclaimed billionaire and bisexual model shared the video captioning, "I was at a shoot recently and there was a piano in the room, and you know I HAD to play it. I took lessons as a kiddo and loved to play at home and sing hymns. I haven't done that in years, as hymns don't have much of a place in my life these days. (No problem if they do for you! It's just no longer where I'm at in life)."

The ex-church pastor said, "Wherever you've been tempted to cut off or hide a part of yourself for fear of being rejected or not being seen as 'on brand', I encourage you to embrace it. Love it. Own it. Celebrate it. Share it. Because ALL of you is good. ALL of you is worthy. ALL of you is lovable."

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell Is A Billionaire

Here's the Video Post:

After becoming an overnight sensation for her unusual life story, the pastor-turned-stripper is winning hearts with her motivational lessons on Instagram. Talking about her life as a church pastor, Nikole said that patriarchy taught her that she doesn't belong in positions of power. However, she knew she had to change in order to control her own life and become a leader. Hence, she chose to become a stripper and on Onlyfans. Nikole also said that prioritizing her own life has given her the opportunity to make a difference in society.

From taking off clothes for steamy shoots to making heads turn on skimpy lingeries, Nikole has done several modelling assignments to earn money. She is known for her daring attitude and breaking the stereotypes when it comes to her professional and personal choices. She is openly bisexual. Nikole Mitchell is more than a model, she's a storyteller, an artist and an activist, according to a post on her Instagram account.

Nicole Mitchell's photos on social media and other platforms prove that she was born to be a stunner. Her sultry and stunning pictures on Instagram have grabbed millions of likes from fans worldwide. Check out the most stunning and eye-popping photos of the pastor-turned-stripper here:

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell is a mom of three