Humberside Police Officer Fired For Lying About Colleague After Reporting Him For X-Rated Video on Snapchat

A woman police officer got sacked for lying about her relationship with a colleague and reporting him for sending her an explicit video clip on Snapchat. Officer Heather Spayne, 24, who served as a special Sergeant, complained to the force's professional standards department when she was sent the video from her male colleague. However, Spayne, who has been a part of Humberside Police since 2019, didn't mention her relationship with the man as he was being investigated.

According to reports, Spayne made her complaint in 2020 after she received the explicit video from the man, with whom she claimed to be "just friends". However, her male colleague claimed they were in a relationship for several months until Spayne told him that she was seeing someone else.

Earlier this month, Spayne was supposed to attend the misconduct hearing, but she missed and originally denied being in a relationship with the man, or that she had given him the impression of being in one. However, Spayne's private messages were revealed at the hearing, which says otherwise. In a message exchanged with another policeman, she referred to having "been ditched" by the man.

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And reportedly, the outcome of a misconduct hearing was that Miss Spayne deliberately misled standards officials, for which she has been dismissed from the force with immediate effect for gross misconduct. "Miss Spayne's actions were deliberate and planned and could have brought an end to the man's career," said panel chair Natalie Wortley. Spayne's misleading actions has led her to be placed on the police college barred list for at least five years.

Later, head of Professional Standards Detective Superintendent Matthew Baldwin told the BBC, "We and the public we serve rightly expect our officers, including those who are volunteers, to display the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and respect."

He further expressed that Spayne had shown a "complete disregard and disrespect for this investigation and those involved."

Other Bizarre Cases of Cops Losing Their Jobs

This is not the only case wherein a police officer has been fired. In another incident, a Florida cop was sacked after getting caught having sex on duty with a woman while her boyfriend recorded them. The officer was in uniform while having intercourse with the woman in the back seat of the squad car.

In another incident, a cop was fired and arrested for helping his cousin evade arrest in a domestic violence case.

This article was first published on January 28, 2022