BLACKPINK's Mystery Artiste is Selena Gomez? Here Are Complete Details

After Lady Gaga, is BLACKPINK collaborating with Selena Gomez for its forthcoming album?

Ever since the release of the single How You Like That, BLACKPINK is making headlines for various reasons from breaking records to controversies. Currently, the top Kpop girl group is in news for its second pre-release single and the news is all about the mystery artiste the band is set to feature.

According to reports BLACKPINK's second pre-release single will feature international star Selena Gomez. The Korean girl band is collaborating with Selena for a global appeal, say reports.

Earlier, it was speculated that the mystery artiste in the second pre-release single of BLACKPINK was Ariana Grande. But now reports claim that the mystery artiste is Selena Gomez. However, this news has not been confirmed or denied by the BLACKPINK's agency, YG Entertainment. Instead the agency has asked fans to wait. "Please wait for our official announcement," the agency said.

Blackpink Selena Gomez
The mystery artiste in Blackpink's second pre-release single is said to be Selena Gomez. Instagram

The second pre-release single will be launched in August and the exact date is not confirmed yet. This is a pre-event before releasing the first ever full album of BLACKPINK. The full album titled "THE ALBUM" will be released on October 2.

Why Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez?

The teaser of The Album was released on July 28 featuring a pink color crown with black background, apt for the name of the group BLACKPINK. The teaser also mentions October 2 as the date of release of The Album. The agency also explained the reason for releasing the teaser two months ahead of the actual release of the album. This explanation also answers the queries on choice of mystery artistes in BLACKPINK's pre-release albums.

YG Entertainment explained that BLACKPINK has broken many records and successfully attracted the international audience. Now, the group is aiming at the global market reach. "BLACKPINK will focus on the global market in 2020 through a systematic and thorough plan and execution. Our global project with Universal Music, the world's largest music group, is underway, and it is progressing well, so BLACKPINK can make an even greater leap forward," said YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK also had made news in May when the group collaborated with pop singer Lady Gaga and featured in her single "Sour Candy." Currently, BLACKPINK is in top form following the success of "How You Like That." The song has been number one for weeks in various music charts including iTunes, Music Bank and Spotify.