YG Entertainment Edits BLACKPINK's How You Like That Music Video, Solves Ganesha Idol Issue

YG Entertainment decided to respect the demands of Indian Kpop fans and has removed Ganesha Idol from the How You Like That Video.

BLACKPINK controversy
BLACKPINK's top viewed song How You Like That was in controversy for using Indian God Ganesha as a prop. YouTube screengrab

Indian and Thai KPOP fans have proved that one can make a difference and win against the powerful agencies. BLACKPINK, which is on cloud nine after making five Guinness World Records, has been relieved of criticism for using Lord Ganesha's idol in the How You Like That (HYLT) video.

The video HYLT showed the idol of Ganesha near the legs of BLACKPINK's Lisa who was also wearing shoes in that particular shot. This was considered an insult and disrespect as in India and Thailand Ganesha is worshiped as a God. Fans wrote to the agency YG Entertainment and started a campaign #YGApologise and #BLACKPINKApologise.

YG Entertainment Re-uploads HYLT Video

As the issue gained public attention, despite BLACKPINK breaking records and scoring high, the YG Entertainment decided to make amends to the hit video HYLT. Currently, after changes, the re-uploaded video does not show the Ganesha idol in the frame. The shot has been edited in such a way that only the idol has been removed from the frame, not affecting the flow of the song.

Thus the agency respected the request of fans and proved that even they can make a difference if their demand is valid and sincere. Fans are happy with the decision of the agency and have expressed their happiness for winning the fight against the agency.

"Thank you to all Indian and Non-Indian Kpop fans who supported us in our fight to safeguard our religion and culture, it wouldn't be possible without everyone's consistent efforts," said Desi Kpopper, a Kpop fan group from India.

HYLT Wins 5 Guinness World Record Titles

Guinness World Records has announced that BLACKPINK has grabbed five titles with its latest music video How You Like That.

The music video HYLT has grabbed titles including Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours, Most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours, Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group, Most viewers for the premiere of a video on YouTube and Most viewers for the premiere of a music video on YouTube.

BLACKPINK's HYLT music video was watched by 86.3 million people on YouTube in 24 hours. The video that was released on June 26 had 1.66 million simultaneous viewers at its peak. Currently, the video has garnered 173 million views.