Black Passenger Knocks White Man Unconscious on London Tube for Saying Blacks Are His Pets

Passengers on the train refuse to help the white man lying on the floor after receiving the deadly punch.

A white man was knocked unconscious after he called a couple of black passengers his pets and lesser than him on a Central Line train in London. The man was punched hard by one of the black men alighting at the Bank Station in central London.

The footage of the video clip, shared by another passenger on the underground tube, has gone viral on various social media platforms.

London Tube racist man
The unidentified racist white man lying unconscious in the Central Line Train in London. Twitter

White Man is Seen Provoking the Black Passengers on the Train

In the footage, the unidentified white man is seen wearing a blue T-shirt and beige colored shorts with sneakers and a cap. He is seen holding on to a handrail as he is seen verbally targeting a group of black passengers traveling in the train. "This is my home and you're all going back. You know it as well." On being asked where they will be going, the man is heard saying, "You know where you're going back."

At this point, when another co-passenger asks his name, the racist replies, "You're black. Oh my god." He then goes on to tell the woman to shut up when she asks what does his comment mean. Soon after he is seen taking a swing on the handrails white shouting at the black passengers, "They're lesser than us. You're my pets." This goes on repeatedly.

A passenger, while referring to the racist white man, is heard saying, "I think he has a death wish. I think he wants someone to jump in and kick his head in," at which he shouts back saying Violence.

Co-Passengers Refuse to Help Racist White Man

The things went berserk after the train pulled into the Bank Station and the racist man challenged the black passengers, getting down at the stop, by shouting, "Come on." It was then one of the black men knocked him down with a punch.

The white man immediately drops on the floor of the train, unconscious. Instead of helping him, the co-passengers on the train are heard shouting 'd**k head you deserved that' '. The people are also heard shouting don't help a racist to the woman who approaches the unconscious man and checks his pulse.

Despite the video of the incident going viral on the social media platform, the British Transport Police and the London Ambulance Service told Daily Mail that they had no record of any violent incidents at Bank Station today and the welfare of the man is unknown at this time.