GrubHub Driver Caught Yelling Expletive-Laden Racist Rant at Black Woman

Twitterati Identify the serial offender as 'Adam' working for GrubHub in Naples.

A young white man was caught hurling racist abuses at a young black woman while waiting at a traffic stop in Naples. The driver was later identified as Adam, a GrubHub driver, by the social media users after the video went viral.

One of the Twitter users, who goes by the handle Yaya Gary, also pointed out that Adam was the same man who was caught earlier verbally assaulting an elderly black man on August 6.

Racist Man Naples
Racist Man Naples
The white man caught abusing black woman at a traffic stop in Naples.

White Man calls Woman F***king N***er

Posting the video clip on Twitter, the victim, Mishou Charelus, asked for the netizens to identify the white man abusing her in the video. Sharing the 37 second clip, Charelus wrote: "I literally just got off the highway into Naples and this is the first thing that happens to me. Like this man could've killed me at a whole red light. FIND THIS MAN!!"

The video shows a man, wearing a red cap and sunglasses, sitting in a sedan parked next to the victim at a traffic stop. The video clip starts by Charelus saying if she is supposed to be heard. At this point the man, playing loud music in his car starts hooting and shouting at her. He then goes on to shout, "Tell me how much your life matter?" You black face n***er."

"F**k you n***er, the man shouts repeatedly, as he goes on to add, "That's how much your life matter. Nothing. F**k you n***er. Do you hear me. F**k you. That's how much black lives matter right no. None," Challenging the black woman to post the video on Facebook, the man is heard saying, "F**k you n***er. Take the video, put it on Facebook and then lick my a**hole while I shit on your nigger loving face."

Twitterati Identify the Racist White Man, a Serial Offender

Soon after the video was uploaded and shared, one of the users identified the man as a GrubHub driver. A user who goes by the handle Sweet Lise on the microblogging site, tweeted: "Isn't he a grub hub/ bite squad driver. Yup that's him." She then went on reveal his identity as Adam.

Sharing the incident on its Facebook page, News The Headliner wrote that Adam was also involved in a racist incident few days ago. Sharing the post by Yaya Gary, the outlet reported that her brother had brother, who took a photo of Adam's car, had witnessed 'Adam' verbally assaulting an elderly Black man in traffic.

Racist Man Naples

"Does anyone recognize this man or the vehicle? My brother just witnessed him repeatedly yelling F U Ni**** to an elderly black man, forcing the elderly man to roll his window up to not have to hear the hate coming out of this mans mouth! This needs to stop! I want to know who this is Naples! Share Share Share!," the statement concluded.