Muslim Teen Assaulted by 72-Yr-Old Father of Glen Cove Councilwoman, Family Terms Attack 'Racist'

A 72-year-old man was arrested and charged with assaulting a teenager, Ali Awan, who allegedly 'provoked him' in the East Island section of Glen Cove. Louis Fugazy Sr., father of Councilwoman Danielle Fugazy Scagliola, was charged with third degree assault, after he turned himself in to the police.

Awan's brother, Khizer Awan, had posted the video of the assault, which took place three days ago, on his Facebook page. According to the Glen Cove Police Department the two families have been at loggerhead for some time.

Muslim Teen attacked
Muslim Teen attacked
Louis Fugazy Sr caught on camera assaulting a teenager in Glen Cove.

Victim's Family Allege Fugazy Told Them to 'Go Back to Where They Came From'

In the 20-second clip, Fugazy could be seen approaching Ali, sitting on a chair on the beach. "You better bring out your camera and start recording this," Fugazy is heard saying as he nears the teen. Grabbing Ali by his neck, the 72-year-old says: "You're here to annoy us, right?" Both Fugazy and Ali fall to the ground, before the teenager escapes his assaulter. A man is heard telling Fugazy, "You are going to jail," before the video ends.

Sharing the clip, Ali's older brother Khizer wrote: "Fugazy has consistently harassed my family and me, calling us "bums," "pieces of s**t," telling us he "will smack the s**t out of us," and "to go back where we came from."

Stating that they feel feel unsafe in their own neighborhood as their race and humanity are not valued, Khizer said: "The man, his relatives, and friends "are a part of a racist 'social club'" known as the East Island Association and have openly expressed their disdain towards my family and me."

Councilwoman Alleges Teens Instigated Her Father

Alleging that her father was deliberately instigated by the teens, Fugazy's daughter Danielle told Long Island News that the victim used profanity towards him. "He was playing loud profane music which he refused to lower, and he made an aggressive move to get out of his chair to have a confrontation," she told the outlet.

The Councilwoman further claimed that the Awan family has been engaging in this behavior to goad neighbors into some sort of a misstep so they could gin up a lawsuit, Amanda said. "Over a month ago, the family sent a letter to various people in the community, including Louis Fugazy seeking a 'monetary settlement' in exchange for ending their harassment."

In a statement issued later, Fugazy said that Ali Awan and his family have been harassing their family and neighborhood for months, including videotaping minor children and posting nasty comments about minor children.