BIGBANG Member T.O.P Reveals How he Feels After Leaving YG Entertainment

BIGBANG member T.O.P has revealed his feelings about leaving YG Entertainment through an Instagram post on Tuesday. The K-pop idol updated his social networking page with two messages. He wrote the first message hours after the record label released an official statement about his departure. The second message appeared a little later.

In the first post, T.O.P wrote a text message to all his followers. The post read like this: "Happy". The second post featured a smiling image of the BIGBANG member. It also had a text message superimposed on it. "I'm so happy", the message read.

The posts hinted at the BIGBANG member's happiness and excitement about starting a new journey in his career path while continuing to be a part of the boyband. YG Entertainment officially announced the departure of T.O.P on Monday. The record label stated that the K-pop idol will not be renewing his contract with it.

T.O.P worked under YG Entertainment for 16 years, and he is currently planning to focus on individual activities. So, he would not be actively participating in the future activities of BIGBANG. But he will surely work with his teammates whenever possible.

Big Bang's T.O.P

Was T.O.P's Departure Pre-planned?

A day after YG Entertainment announced the comeback of BIGBANG after four years, K-media outlet, Dispatch, reported that T.O.P's departure from the agency was pre-planned. The report stated that the K-pop idol never had any plans to return to South Korea. According to it, T.O.P hinted about his departure during an Instagram live two years back.

While interacting with his fans through a live broadcast on the social media page in 2020, the BIGBANG member said that he doesn't wish to return. He made this statement in response to all the criticisms he received after he was charged for the illegal use of marijuana.

"I will not make a comeback in Korea. I do not wish to come back", the K-pop idol said during his Instagram live.

BIGBANG member T.O.P leaves YG Entertainment YG Entertainment

In its report, the K-media outlet also stated that the boy group received a cold response from the public about its "big" comeback. According to the report, four out of five members of the boyband were embroiled in illegal controversies. The media outlet also described the past controversies of each of the boyband members, including G-Dragon.

"The original leaders of K-Pop, Big Bang, plan on 'slowly' making a comeback even though 4 out of its 5 members have stirred 'illegal' controversies. YG Entertainment has officially confirmed the group's comeback news. However, the public's response is cold. This is understandable, as each of the members' individual records(?) are on the same scale as a big bang", the report stated.

Rapper and actor T.O.P.

The K-media outlet wrapped up the report by stating that only a few loyal fans could be excited about the band's return. The group lost several of its followers because of its members' lack of loyalty to their fans. Although BIGBANG is an idol group, the members acted like politicians in the past.

"Other than the remaining fans who have managed to stay loyal, who will want to be repaid? When their controversies arose, neither G-Dragon, T.O.P, nor Daesung addressed them head-on. Instead, they blamed others or stayed away from the public's gaze in private hospital rooms. Big Bang is an idol group, but their past actions reflect those of politicians. At this point, we are concerned with what YG Entertainment is thinking. They must have some sort of plan..."the report stated.