Bidens Win Hearts as a Couple While Melania and Trump Called 'Cold and Awkward'

Social media draws comparison between the two couples during the first Presidential debate.

The first debate between the US President Donald Trump and rival Joe Biden concluded in Cleveland, Ohio. While the world compared the presidential contenders, comparisons were also drawn between the conduct of Melania Trump and Dr Jill Biden as they went on the stage to greet their respective husbands at the end of the debate.

As previously reported, the debate, which lasted 90 minutes, was moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace. It included topics ranging from coronavirus pandemic, Supreme Court nomination, racial violence, health care system, economy, recession and the two candidates' records.

Jill Biden
melania trump
Dr Jill Biden and Melania Trump

Melania Forgoes PDA as Jill Hugs Biden

Dressed in a sleek Dolce & Gabbana suit, Melania paired it with a sky-high Christian Louboutin heels. On the other hand, Jill went a little old school with a classic green silk dress with a fringing detail on the front. It was similar to the design she wore at a fund-raising event in New York in October 2017.

However, more than their dressing style, the women were talked about the manner in which they greeted their husbands at the end of the debate. In the clip that is widely being shared on the social media platform, Melania is seen approaching Trump as he stands still on the stage. She simply walks and stands next to the US President, who then goes on to hold her hand and yanking it off. As the couple gets off the stage, Trump lets go of Melania's hand as he struck a pose for the photographers.

On the other hand, Jill greeted her husband with a long hug and a kiss as she muttered something in his ear. The couple then walk hand in hand towards the photographers for a photograph.

Twitter Compares Bidens and Trumps

Twitter users were soon to point out how uncomfortable and awkward the Trumps looked as Bidens went ahead with the public display of their affection.

"Did anyone else notice the 'coldness' in the way #MelaniaTrump greeted her husband vs the warmth and embracing hug #JillBiden greeted her husband with? There's no love there and She stands up there putting on a fake smile. So cringe-worthy," tweeted a user.

"One of my favorite parts of the debate. I laughed out loud and cheered Jill. You could see Trump saw the hug and felt really awkward and grabbed Melania's hand. Her fake smile is priceless... you can see how painful it is for her to be near him," wrote another.

"Something I haven't heard people comment on is the interaction on the stage after the debate. Jill's embrace of Joe was so touching. Trump put a hand on Melania's back and then when he saw the Bidens, grabbed Melania's hand the way a possessive abusive man grabs a woman," tweeted a user.