Viral Video Shows Black Woman Having 'Exorcist Style' Meltdown in Flight; Netizens Suspect Drugs

An unidentified woman created a scare in the Michigan-bound flight after she broke into a fit of demonic rage, abusing and screaming obscenities while dangling mid-air in the aisle. The unexplained actions of the woman were likened to exorcism on social media.

The screaming woman was finally brought down by three men. The video soon went viral on various social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.

exorcist woman
The unidentified woman was seen climbing on seats as she abused and shouted obscenities. Sherman via WorldStarHipHop

Co-Passenger Suspect Woman Was Under the Influence of Drugs

The graphic video clip, over two minutes long, was initially shared by World Star Hip Hop on Sunday and since then it has been viewed over 607,000 times. The video starts with the unidentified black woman standing on seats and screaming. Dressed in pants and top, the screaming woman could be seen with her face mask pulled down to the chin.

She is heard shouting "we'll f**k all night, b*tch". The rumbling goes on as the woman proceeds to bang the overhead storage cabinets. "S*it .. B*tches.. shit.. F**k," the woman is seen shouting as she makes forward thrusting gestures holding on to the overheard compartments.

At one point, a cabin crew is seen approaching the woman and requesting her to calm down and take her seat. As the demonic rage grows wilder, three men are seen approaching the woman. One of them asks, "Are you ready to go?". She is then led out of the frame.

As the video nears towards the end, one of the passenger is heard saying that the screaming woman was fine about half an hour ago. A few others exclaimed she must be under the influence of drugs.

Netizens Compares Demonic Meltdown With Exorcism

The netizens were comparing the woman's meltdown with exorcism. However, few of the users also commented that the woman might have been sexually abused and the meltdown is the result of the pain and anguish." It honestly sounds like she was describing someone getting raped. The tone of voice and the swinging of hands like she was the guy hitting the woman while forcing her to have sex. Disturbing," commented a user on the video.

"She might be experiencing some kind of post-rape breakdown," wrote another.

"When I used to fly they only had movies for entertainment. Now they have live entertainment!!!" joked a user.

"Wow! She either needs an exorcist or a psych ward! Either way, I hope there were no children on that plane because they're definitely going to be traumatized for life! I know I would be," wrote a user on Twitter. "All kidding aside, that's a satanic demon possession," mentioned another person.