'Every Kid's Dream To Do a Teacher', Says Minor Boy As 32-Yr-Old Mentor Goes to Jail For Sex

A Wisconsin judge calls Courtney Roznowski a 'nightmare of every parent', while sentencing the sexual offender.

A 32-year-old former teaching assistant was jailed for sexually abusing a 16-year-old student at Green Bay's Southwest High school in Wisconsin, after she pleaded no contest. Courtney Roznowski was termed as 'nightmare of every parent' by the judge.

Roznowski, who told the minor that he 'deserved special things' was arrested last year by the cops after a colleague told that she was often seen walking closely with the boy in the school. Notably, the legal age of sexual consent in Wisconsin is 17 years.

Courtney Roznowski has been sentenced to six months in jail. Brown County Jail

Roznowski Banned From Working With Minors

Roznowski was charged for one count of exposing intimate parts to a child and sentenced to six months of imprisonment. Initially the former school assistant was charged on three counts of sexual assault of a student by a school staffer. But, since she was not on contractual employee of the school at the time of arrest, the charges were dropped later.

According to Fox 11, while delivering the sentence Judge Donald Zuidmulder also placed the accused on probation for three years and asked her to write an apology letter to the staff at Southwest High School, and one to every superintendent in the county because of the damage she caused to the profession. Zuidmulder also banned Roznowski from working anywhere with minors, and must maintain sobriety, reported the outlet.

Terming Roznowski as every parent's nightmare, Zuidmulder said: "The people of this state require mandatory public education; they require their kids to go to school. You are, frankly, the nightmare of every parent. Because what a parent assumes is that their child is in safe environment with trusting people. But I have to tell you I am unimpressed by your comments about 'a good heart.' You drove over there. It doesn't have anything to with the heart."

Roznowski Claims to Have Turned Her Life Around

According to the outlet, the complaint revealed that during the investigation the 16-year-old boy, while admitted to the sexual contact, said: "Well, it is every kid's dream to do a teacher."

Blaming her shocking conduct on 'extensive personal issues' Roznowski pleaded the judge to see the good in her at the time of sentencing. News.com reported that the former assistant took responsibility of sexually abusing the minor accepted being wrong in doing so.

"While I did not initiate the relationship, I should have put an end to it once I realised that the messages being sent to me were from a student at the school," Roznowski told the court while adding that initially she had tried to be a mentor and chatted with the boy a couple of times so she could make sure he was OK.

Pleading leniency during the sentencing Roznowski begged the judge to let her keep working, seeing counselor, and being around her family daily. "Overall, I hope my actions for the last 13 months have shown you how serious I have and will continue to take this," she was quoted as saying by Fox 11.