Donald Trump Memes Trend on Twitter After He Cries 'Fake News' on Tax Evasion Report

Hashtags 'fake president', 'fake billionaire', fake hair and fake billionaire trend after the tweet.

Hours after US President Donald Trump called reports pertaining to his income tax evasion as fake news, social media rolled out dedicated memes to troll Trump's presidency, hair, and his wealth. In a shocking report, The New York Times claimed that Trump had paid just $750 as federal income tax in the past, besides reporting huge financial losses for 11 years in the two decades.

Reacting to the reports, Trump while claiming that he has paid a lot, said, "It's fake news. It's totally fake news. Made up. Fake." The US President even took to the microblogging site to express his anger by tweeting 'Fake News'.

Donald Trump

Trump Slammed Online For His 'Fake News' Tweet

Soon after Trump's tweet, 'Fake' was one of the topmost trending topics on the microblogging platform. Twitter users roasted the US President with hashtags 'fake president', 'fake billionaire', fake hair, after his tweet.

"Trump is A Fake Billionaire Trump is A Fake Republican Trump is A Fake Patriot Trump is A Fake Christian Trump is A Fake American Trump is A Fake President," wrote a twitter user.

"When you spend 4 1/2 years insisting you have proof the 44th president was a Kenyan-born Muslim, maybe it's time to stop screaming, "Fake News!" Just maybe," wrote another one.

Slamming Trump's presidency, another user wrote, "The news is not FAKE NEWS @realDonaldTrump. You are a fake "president" and your run is almost over. I predict you will go down in flames, stoked by years of criminality and deceit. It will be a fitting end."

Trump Has Fake Hair? Twitter Believes So

In its report while claiming that Trump devised various ways to evade income tax, had US President spent more than $70,000 to style his hair when he was on 'The Apprentice' and he wrote off the costs as business expense.

Trump, who is often mocked for his hair, was again targeted with the hashtag #FakeHair. "Anyone is better than lying cheating fake hair spray tanned Trump," wrote a user.

"Well then, that should be easy to rectify. Just show us your taxes. Don't give us the audit line, it's totally legal for you to do so. So if it's fake, then prove it. But you won't, because just like every other time you cried "fake news" it's going to turn out to be true," wrote a user in response to Trump's tweet.

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