Biden Caught Lying About Meeting Only Woman Driver 'Big Mama' During Trucker's Strike? Social Media Refuses to Believe

US President Joe Biden was accused of being a liar after he shared an alleged meeting with a female truck driver named 'Big Mama' during his tenure as a young senator. Biden's recalled the incident while interacting with a crowd comprising of truck drivers, union representatives and labor leaders gathered on the South Lawn of the White House.

While thanking the crowd, Biden stressed on the importance of their work which he said kept America moving. However, the 'Big Mama' incident sparked a lot of reactions on social media.

Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden Twitter

When Did Biden Meet Big Mama?

Sharing the incident, Biden said that it happened after he received his commercial license to drive a truck.

"I remember, I gotta digress for one second, I got a commercial license because my dad used to run an automobile agency, and I used to have to go to a body shop up in Philadelphia from Wilmington," Biden said.

"During the truckers strike years later when I was a young Senator, there was a guy who ran steel ... and I decided to ride out with him to see what it was like on the strike and I was driving going through Shiloh, Ohio and his handle was Big Ten and I remember all the truck stops were being blockaded at the time and he called and said 'Big Ten...' and the only woman truck driver I ever knew I met that day, she said 'this is Big Mama, no room,'" recounted the U.S. President.

"I swear to God, true story. And he said 'I've got a United States Senator driving my truck,' [and] she said 'I got the damn president in mine, so what?' I'll never forget that, I was a very powerful guy, anyway, that was the first woman trucker I met," he went on to add.

Social Media Questions the Authenticity of the Incident?

Soon after the clip of Biden's speech emerged, social media sprang into action questioning if Biden was lying about the incident just like he did while speaking about an alleged neighborhood gang leader called 'Corn Pop'.

"Swear to God true story" = One of fake-religious Fraud biden's tells that he is LYING .. using the Lord's name in vain So the FRAUD has a Big Mama trucker story now All he does is lie, lie and then lie some more," tweeted a user.

"Joe Biden Tells The Story Of 'Big Mama' And Repeats False Claim He 'Used To Drive A Truck'" read a tweet.

"FACT CHECK: Joe Biden NEVER drove an 18-wheeler. He never met a woman trucker named Big Mama. He is a GD pathological liar with cognitive issues that Jill Biden should be arrested for elderly abuse," expressed another user.