Belle Grace: OnlyFans Model Quit Healthcare Worker Job After Colleague Shared Her Nudes with Boss

An OnlyFans model has opened up on how one of her colleagues came across one her nudes and shared them with her boss, which left her having to go through a lot of explanation and embarrassment. OnlyFans star Belle Grace finally decided to quit her job as a healthcare worker but she is happy making thousands of dollars per month.

According to a report in The Sun, Grace mistakenly uploaded one of her nudes on her Instagram page instead of putting it up on OnlyFans, but her bosses found that out and she out of embarrassment initially had to work in night shifts but later to put an end to all these decided to quit. Grace also posts her raunchy photos on Instagram and has a huge fan following.

Unlucky Victim

Belle Grace
Belle Grace Instagram

Last year, Grace was having an OnlyFans sale and uploaded an Instagram post, only to notice she had uploaded it on it on her work page. She quickly deleted the post but it was a bit too late, the outlet reported. Interestingly, she had just started her OnlyFans page at that time but had already become a sensation overnight after posting her steamy photos.

"I didn't want anyone knowing due to my line of work, my job was very important to me. One day I accidentally uploaded on my work Instagram page that my OnlyFans was having a sale but as soon as I realized it was on the wrong account, I immediately removed it," she told the outlet.

The 26-year-old OnlyFans model from Yorkshire was working full-time as a team leader in a care institution. That was in May 2020. Grace said that she thought nobody had noticed it but she was wrong.

"I was so worried about my place of work finding out. Months passed by and nobody said anything so I thought it was all great," she said.

Grace said that's she was happy with her new part time job as an OnlyFans model where she was raking up over $3,500 per month. However, months later she got the shock of her life.

Taking a Bold Decision

Grace didn't realize that she would be questioned by her seniors, months later. Her mistake went under the radar and she was called into a meeting room and presented with images of herself, as she broke down in tears. Later she came to know that her raunchy photos got leaked by one of her colleagues who shared it with her boss.

To escape the embarrassment Grace decided to take off for a week. "I asked my boss then straight away if I was losing my job and they said they would need to get legal advice. I took my own legal advice and the legal advice was what I do in my own time was my own business," she said.

Grace, who has around 10,000 followers on Instagram, claims that her legal adviser said that "work couldn't sack her" as she "was doing nothing illegal and what I do in my own spare time is up to me."

"I didn't advertise the company I worked at and I didn't use OnlyFans at work," she said. But more than that Grace was uncomfortable facing her colleagues and boss. "My boss asked me questions like who was taking my photographs but that was all me, I've never had anybody else take them for me," she said.

Grace also claims that her boss was otherwise very supportive but she started feeling uncomfortable. She returned to work doing night shifts initially but continued to be upset. "I was so upset. I never wanted work to find out. I always wanted to keep it separate because it's my private life, not because I'm ashamed," she told the outlet.

Finally, she decided to quit once she started making around $7,000, although he claims that only her bosses knew that she was selling her nudes on OnlyFans. However, when she left her job, she confessed to her colleagues that she was happy being only on OnlyFans.

Belle Grace
Belle Grace Instagram

However, Grace really doesn't know why her colleague showed the nude images to her boss. "I have no idea what she got out of that," she said adding, "You wouldn't hand over images of someone of them working their second job if you didn't want to get them sacked."