OnlyFans Model and Mom of 3 Shamed by Parents for Selling Bare-Body Photos

The model, who goes by the name "Mrs. Poindexter" on OnlyFans, makes a whopping $150,000 per month by selling her nudes on the adult website.

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A California mom of three who makes a living by selling her nudes on OnlyFans has claims that she is constantly bullied by other parents at her kids' school. Tiffany Poindexter, who goes by the name "Mrs. Poindexter" on OnlyFans, makes a whopping $150,000 per month by selling her nudes and says that the constant bullying won't stop her putting up her photos on the adult website.

Poindexter recently also claimed that the bullying is being done with the aim of throwing her kids out of school. Poindexter, who also has a huge fan following on Instagram, is one of the highest earning and popular models on OnlyFans and can be often seen posting her shots lingerie.

Shamed for Being a Mom

Poindexter, 44, from Northern California, believes other parents are trying to get her children kicked out of their school because she is an OnlyFans model. She landed into trouble after one parent discovered last summer that she was a nude model. "Some women from my area actually printed out pictures I posted on my OnlyFans and mailed them to the principal of my children's school," she told JamPress.

She says that the bully has also left her children in shock and trauma. "We were called a load of names; apparently it was 'disturbing, disgusting, horrifying' and 'my children should be kicked out!'" The parents have now started a campaign to get the three children out of the school.

Poindexter claimed that the harassment has now been going on for months now. "Someone came across my account and suddenly I had mums from school texting me and leaving voicemails saying I had to leave the school," she said. The principal although has opted to not get involved in the ugly fight between Poindexter and other parents. However, she claims she was removed as the 2nd grade 'room mother' due to the complaints.

Nothing Wrong

Poindexter said that the children weren't the only targets as the parents reportedly also wrote to the local priest and bishop, as well as made a secret Facebook group to gossip about the family. In the very beginning, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. "It was just so intrusive, it was something that was supposed to be a secret in our marriage.

"They think I must be having sex with all these men and I'm not! It's just a hot sexy wife fantasy." Poindexter and her husband, meanwhile, have continued to run the account and chalk the campaign up to "jealousy."

Poindexter feels her content is popular because it's relatable and said that it also gave a boost to her self-confidence. She started out as an OnlyFans model in 2019 to make her marriage more exciting. ""I felt pretty unsexy when I went through early menopause. One of the things we tried to make our marriage more exciting was by posting a picture of me in a bikini on Reddit. We started in September 2019 and no one knew about it. No friends, family or anyone," she told JamPress.

After starting her OnlyFans page she fast shot to the top of the rankings, earning $14,000 in the first month after posing in lingerie while doing "regular mum activities" like cooking or cleaning. That said, despite the bullying and backlash, Poindexter with support from her husband continues post photos on OnlyFans and their children still attend the school.

Her husband Chris helps her take pictures when the kids are busy or asleep and she answers messages from fans early in the morning.

This article was first published on February 22, 2021