Belle Delphine Roleplays as Girl Abducted and Raped by Kidnapper, Sparks Outrage on Twitter [PHOTOS]

The controversial Internet celebrity faced backlash after sharing photos of herself roleplaying as a young girl getting kidnapped and sexually assaulted on Twitter.

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Cosplay model, porn star and Internet sensation Belle Delphine has once again kicked up a storm on social media after sharing a series of erotic pictures from her latest photoshoot.

The photos, captioned "perfect first date," show Delphine roleplaying as a young girl who is abducted with her hands and legs tied up and her mouth covered with duct tape before she is sexually assaulted by the kidnapper.

Delphine Accused of 'Normalizing' Rape, Pedophilia

While the sexual roleplay is between two consensual adults, the explicit post did not sit well with Twitter users, many of whom expressed their anger on the micro-blogging platform. While some called Delphine out for posting the photos without a trigger warning, others accused her of normalizing rape and pedophilia.

"S*x is enjoyable but reinacting kidnapping & r*pe scenarios for entertainment is extremely offensive & disrespectful to people who have legitimately been in that situation against their will," wrote one user.

"Romanticising rape to your following of mostly already weird men, presenting as a younger girl is absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed of posting this," commented another.

"Belle delphine has been making MILLIONS A MONTH from pretending to be a child and enabling pedophiles and making pedophilia seem normal for years now. pretending to be a child who is being kidnapped and raped and posting it with no trigger warning to a million people is too far," tweeted yet another.

Delphine's Social Media Controversies

belle delphine
Belle Delphine Twitter

This is not the first time the Internet celebrity has sparked controversy with her social media activity. For instance, she one bottled up her own bathwater and sold it for $30 a pop.

In 2019, posted pictures of herself vandalizing a car with graffiti, which she later claimed was revenge for someone stealing her pet hamster and was apparently arrested for it.

That same year, she was booted off Instagram for posting lewd content but returned to the platform and now has more than 600,000 followers. She was also banned from YouTube in November 2020 for posting a video with "sexual content" but like Instagram, her account was later reinstated.

She has also trolled PornHub users with a video titled "PEWDIEPIE goes all the way INSIDE Belle Delphine," in which Delphine literally munches on a print-out of Pewdiepie's face while winking at the camera. Meanwhile, a video of her "squirting" is her playing a with a water pistol, while another clip of her "scissoring" is her cutting paper with scissors.

In addition to YouTube and Instagram, Delphine also has an OnlyFans and Patreon account where she provides access to more explicit content for a subscription fee. Last month, she grabbed headlines for posting a video of her performing fellatio on a penis censored with "pickle Rick" to promote her OnlyFans account and even had her sex tape leaked on social media.

This article was first published on January 13, 2021
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