BAP's Himchan Attempts Suicide Shortly After Posting Apology Letter

In a shocking turn of events, BAP Himchan, who lent an apology to fans for his earlier actions after the Seoul Central District Court sentenced him 10-month in prison in a sexual assault case, has tried to kill himself. The timely response by his mother and acquaintance prevented a tragedy.

BAP Singer Himchan
BAP Himchan. Instagram

A report on Allkpop claims that Himchan tried to kill himself at his residence shortly after posting an apology letter to fans, over his wrongdoings in the past, on Monday, 14 June. A representative has stated that his condition is stable, now.

It is believed that Himchan decided to take his life for failing to live up to his fans' expectations.

"There are many reasons why I am speaking up about this belatedly, but I have been staying quiet because of the many articles and stories that are different from the truth. I'm sorry for making you worry about various incidents.

Furthermore, I am aware of my negligence and mistakes, and I apologize for everything. I hope everyone will be happy. Please forgive me for only being able to repay those who have believed in me this way," Soompi quotes Himchan as stating in the letter posted in the South Korean language.

The Court's Verdict:
On 24 February, the court passed the verdict in the sexual harassment case. In September 2018, he and five others were hanging out together. The idol and the victim had a drink at a guest house in Namyangju when the singer allegedly grabbed her breast and kissed her without her consent.

All through the trial, Himchan had denied touching her inappropriately and defended himself by stating that the feelings were mutual. "The two met for the first time, but there were good feelings between them. It is true that he touched her chest and they kissed, but there was no more physical contact besides that. The skinship was consensual, not forced molestation," his legal counsel was quoting as saying by Koreaboo earlier.

The singer was not arrested immediately as the court had given an opportunity for the victim to forgive him failing which he would have to serve 10 months in prison apart from undergoing 40 hours of a sex crime prevention program.