The Penthouse Racism Controversy: Angry Netizens Call for Boycott of Kim So-yeon and Kim So-yeon's Drama

The Penthouse season 3 has caught in a racism controversy after the introduction of a new character in the recent episode aired on Friday, 11 June. Park Eun Seok's portrayal has been slammed by the international audience for cultural appropriation.

Park Eun Seok
Park Eun Seok in The Penthouse. Twitter

Park Eun Seok's look, accent, and body language apparently have traits of AAVE ("African American Vernacular English") and this is seen as racial stereotyping by the international audience. Hence, they have vented out their anger against the cultural appropriation in the drama.

The netizens have questioned how Park Eun Seok, who was in the US and has awareness about racism, agreed to do the role without any objection. The viewers are extremely upset with the makers of the show for demonising the mannerisms of the black community.

The netizens have now called for the boycott of The Penthouse drama, which has Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Eugene, Um Ki-joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, and Park Eun-seok in the leads. Many have expressed that they would not be watching the show anymore.

Ironically, the cast of the Penthouse stood up against racism ahead of its premiere. They were seen holding handprint image with the message "live together." However, the makers of the show are yet to give their statement over the latest controversy.

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