Astrid Wett: OnlyFans Star Flashes Boobs Across the Street, Sparking Social Media Backlash [WATCH]

Wett's video has since gone viral on Twitter as well as TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 257,000 times.

OnlyFans star Astrid Wett sparked outrage online after flashing her boobs at a building site full of unsuspecting workers. The social media star posted a TikTok video where she can be seen standing in front of an apartment's window and shouting at the workers at the building site to draw their attention.

Seconds later, Wett can be seen flashing her boobs at them. The workers are left stunned. The video has since gone viral but the Instagram, TikTok and YouTube star has since been facing backlash from several of her followers and subscribers for her latest antic in front of unsuspecting workers.

Flashing at Unsuspecting Workers

Wett, a devoted Chelsea supporter and the mortal enemy of Elle Brooke, uploaded the short video clip to her TikTok page in an effort to "cheer up" some construction workers toiling away behind her. She is known for her antics but this time the OnlyFans star went a bit too far.

It is unclear where the video was shot although it appears to be in an apartment.

Astrid Wett
Astrid Wett seen flashing her boobs across the street Twitter

When the clip starts, Wett is positioned in front of a huge window that is only partially open, with a construction site in the background.

The workers can be seen some distance away at the opposite building which is still under construction. The workers can be seen wearing hard hats and yellow hazard jackets.

Wett is seen wearing a black t-shirt and form-fitting shorts. She then goes on to open the window, as she shouts, "Hey, I've got something for you."

Astrid Wett
Astrid Wett seen in the video before flashing at the workers at the opposite building Twitter

She then proceeded to lift her t-shirt up and flashed her boobs at the workers. The camera then zooms on two of the builders who look shocked. The video ends there.

Video Goes Viral

Wett's video has since gone viral on Twitter as well as TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 257,000 times. However, Wett's stunt didn't go down well with several social media users including some of her followers.

Astrid Wett
The workers didn't look impressed with Astrid Wett's antics Twitter

Almost everyone slammed her for the stunt. Political commentator and Aston Villa supporter Emily Hewertson posted the video it to her 131k followers in disgust, and it has since received over two million views.

"Imagine if a man did this to a group of women," she wrote.

Astrid Wett
Astrid Wett Instagram

"Honestly, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this girl," wrote Olivia Lever in response.

"If I get the attention of some women and do a helicopter in the Premier Inn window ... I'm doing time in a cell ffs," wrote another user.

Others referred to her as "pathetic," while some demanded that Misfits Boxing "take her belt away."

Wett is the reigning Misfits Boxing Flyweight Women's champion. However, some did find humor in it, as seen by one who said, "I also need cheering up."

"She can come and cheer me up anytime," wrote another users in support.