Michelle Comi: Italian Model Gets Banned from OnlyFans after Backlash for Shooting X-Rated Video with Fan Who Was Minor

Michelle Comi: Italian Model Gets Banned from OnlyFans after Backlash for Shooting X-Rated Video with Fan Who Was Minor

An OnlyFans model has been banned from the platform after she admitted to filming an X-rated video with a fan, who was a minor. Italian model Michelle Comi had her OnlyFans account deleted after she came under fire last month for filming a sex tape with a boy who was below 18 years of age.

Last month, Comi shared with her fans and subscribers about the video saying that her co-star was a minor, which she didn't know at the time of filming the video. Finally, her account was deleted from the adult entertainment website for violating the rules of the platform.

Costly Mistake

Michelle Comi
Michelle Comi Instagram

In April, it was revealed that Comi chose a fan to work with her on a video but, after they had done filming, she discovered that he wasn't actually 18 as she had thought because he "skipped his birth year."

The chance to record the raunchy video was part of a competition that Comi launched for her subscribers.

Michelle Comi
Michelle Comi Instagram

Explaining over TikTok, Comi at that time said: "I made a selection and we recorded the video. I had to choose a guy from my subscribers to record the video with. After several selections, I chose and met him.

"Everything went well, we shot the video, but I hadn't gotten him to sign the paperwork yet."

Comi, of Italy's breakout stars on the adult content platform, went on to say that she "went a little on trust" rather than through the formal procedures to make sure everything was legal because she didn't realize the fan she had chosen hadn't reached the age of 18.

"He skipped his year of birth, 2005," she added.

"For obvious reasons [the fan being under 18], the video cannot be distributed. In fact, it really shouldn't exist. And indeed it was cancelled.

"It was my fault, I should have made him sign everything sooner, but being the first time I've done it, I went a little on trust."

The star of adult movies went on to say that she was now looking for collaborators for a new X-rated movie. "I'm looking for a partner again now. The boy got smart, but I hope he at least enjoyed himself," she said, leading to much backlash.

Complete Ban

Fans of the star were quick to point out the mistake, while others supported her. However, OnlyFans didn't think twice and took immediate action.

Although Comi never posted the video and instead began producing footage in a grocery store, it appears that OnlyFans wasn't too pleased with Comi and banned her from the website.

A few days later, Comi complained about being banned by OnlyFans on Telegram.

"I was banned from OnlyFans," she said. "Listen carefully! I have opened a new platform, if you want to support me."

Right now, Comi's website includes links to her Telegram, TikTok and Fansly – a site that OnlyFans stars often shift to if they get banned.

However, it needs to be noted that in Italy, the age of consent is 14, therefore it is unlikely that the model will run into any legal problems.

Comi isn't the first model to be kicked out of OnlyFans for violating its policies. Most infamously, a teacher was fired and had her account suspended for filming adult content on student's desks at school with her husband.