Asian Man Pulls Gun on Racist White Man After He Abuses Wife, Kids for Petting His Dogs

Wade Anton, a white man from Texas, racially abused an Asian family after their kids tried to pet his dogs at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island, Florida. Anton who was vacationing in Florida, has been arrested and charged with hate-crime related battery.

Following the outbreak of global pandemic COVID-19, suspected to be a lab leak from Wuhan province in China, the hate crime incidents against Asian Americans have increased with many blaming the Asians for spreading of the virus.

Wade anton
Wade Anton has been charged with hate-crime related battery. Twitter

Anton Hit the Husband During the Racist Incident

In the incident which took place on Thursday around 4.15 pm, things went south after Anton started racially abusing the Asian family comprising kids, husband and wife after the children were petting his dogs. The 54-year-old yelled at the Asian woman and her kids asking them to "go back where they came from."

In a post made on their Facebook page, Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office wrote, "Anton said that it began because the woman's children were petting his dogs and ignored him when he asked them to leave the dogs alone."

Wear TV reported that as the altercation escalated the woman's husband was attacked by Anton, who was previously standing across the 25 feet long railing. Reportedly Anton punched the Asian man repeatedly after crossing over the railing. It was then, the victim pulled a handgun to protect himself.

Social Media Reacts

The incident drew a lot of attention of social media users who condemned the racist incident towards the Asian family.

"And the competition continues. It's Texas VS Florida, for the worst, of the worst people. So far, it is even, they seem to always be at the top of everything wrong," wrote a Twitter user.

"Dogs aren't even allowed at the beach. And even if the kids pet his dog without permission, flying into a rage at children, spewing racial slurs, and attacking a person isn't the appropriate response. I see no defense in this mans behavior. Kids mess up sometimes, who doesn't love a cute doggie. Come on," read a comment under the post.

"My goodness , it's really sad the mental state that our county is in !!!! Fake news , racism, left , right , girl , boy , mom , birthing person , WTH!!!!!!! All because they wanted the ballots mailed in and destroy this country and the mental stability of the Nation!!!!!! I see it at work and its really sad , people forgot how to be nice , kind , smile as we are all ONE NATION UNDER GOD!" wrote another.