Ashley Parmeley: Missouri Mom Tried to Sacrifice 2-Year-Old Son Before Drowning Him and Killing 9-Year-Old Daughter as Her Final Social Media Message Emerges

The St. Louis outlet also reported that four years ago, before her son was born, Parmeley posted about struggling with depression.

A Missouri woman who walked into a police station last week and confessed to killing both of her children reportedly told officers that she had attempted to "sacrifice" her two-year-old son Isaac before the murders. In her disturbing account to the Festus Police Department, Ashley Parmeley, 36, admitted to shooting her nine-year-old daughter Scarlet.

However, new court documents reveal that before shooting her daughter, she initially tried to 'sacrifice' her son in St. Francois County. After fatally shooting Scarlet, Parmeley was driving north with both children in the car. Court records obtained by Fox 8 New Orleans indicate she realized her earlier attempt to end Isaac's life had been unsuccessful.

Demon-Like Attitude of a Mother

Ashley Parmeley
Ashley Parmeley X

That's when investigators say she drowned her son at the Timber Creek Resort, located on the outskirts of St. Louis, about 13 miles from the police station she ultimately drove to. The young boy was found in a water fountain pool and was pronounced dead by emergency personnel, according to the documents.

Due to these new aggravating factors, the Jefferson County Prosecutor's Office announced on Wednesday that the murder charge for her son, initially second-degree, has been upgraded to first-degree murder.

Earlier in the day, the prosecutor in St. Francois County also charged Parmeley with first-degree murder for the death of her daughter.

New concerns about Parmeley's mental health emerged last week, as it was revealed that in the hours leading up to the double murder of her children, she changed her Facebook profile picture to a black screen.

The St. Louis outlet also reported that four years ago, before her son was born, Parmeley posted about struggling with depression.

"I isolated myself. I came off as very timid and unfriendly and in all reality, I needed a friend more than anything," Parmeley wrote on Facebook. "Always questioning if the kids wo uld be happier or better off without me being their primary caregiver because I knew that they deserved a much better role model."

Additionally, family court records revealed that Parmeley was involved in a custody battle with Scarlet's father. The case began when her daughter was born in 2015 and was resolved in 2021.

Unlike a Mother

Ashley Parmeley
Ashley Parmeley X

Parmeley also gained custody of her then 11-year-old niece while the custody case for Scarlet's main guardian was ongoing. According to KMOV, the niece stayed with Parmeley until she turned 18.

The Parmeley family, beyond Ashley, has a history of severe violence. According to KMOV, Parmeley's uncle was convicted in 1999 of murdering his parents, who were also her grandparents.

Neighbors of Parmeley expressed shock and disbelief over the death of her children.

Brandy Trask, a resident near the Parmeley home in Festus, told Fox 8 that her daughter played with Scarlet. Trask mentioned seeing Scarlet daily and not noticing any signs that she was unhappy or facing difficulties at home.

"I can't fathom why this would happen to anybody, let alone to two sweet children that had nothing but love in their hearts," Trask said.

A vigil was held Wednesday evening for both children. All the games at the local Little League fields were canceled, except for a softball game that Scarlet's team was scheduled to play in. Scarlet was supposed to start fourth grade at Festus Elementary School next year.