Argentina Fans Who Flashed Boobs after Argentina's World Cup Win Identified as They Post Photos of Getting Breasts Painted on Instagram [WATCH]

The two ecstatic women, identified only by the names noe.dreams1 and Milubarbiie on their Instagram pages.

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The two Argentine fans who went topless and flashed their boobs during wild celebrations after Argentina crushed France at the World Cup seem to have evaded arrest in Qatar. According to reports, the two women in fact have been identified on Instagram and have revealed that they hired artists to paint their breasts ahead of the World Cup final.

The two ecstatic women, identified only by the names noe.dreams1 and Milubarbiie on their Instagram pages, were captured on camera flashing their boobs in the stands during wild celebrations after Gonzalo Montiel converted his game-winning penalty to give Argentina victory against France on Sunday.

Going Wild While Celebrating

Argentina fan flashing
The two women seen going topless and flashing their boobs after Argentina's World Cup win Twitter

The two, who now go by the moniker "The Topless Girls," ran the risk of breaking Qatar's stringent laws prohibiting women from donning skimpy or tight attire. However, Qatari officials either overlooked or completely missed their antics, as they escaped getting fined or arrested, according to a report.

The outlet reported that both women have since uploaded photos of themselves out and about in the nation following the final.

Noe, who is from the Argentine city of Quilmes, even shared a selfie of herself on a flight back, saying it was "the trip of her life."

Neo had also posted photos of men painting their breasts blue and white in a hotel room ahead of the final. She also posted videos of her and Milubarbiie leaping around with their tops off next to ecstatic fans.

The two women who are now no less than celebrities are shown clicking photographs in their hotel room while covered in blue and white paint across their exposed breasts.

Argentina fan flashing
The two women avoided arrest even after flashing their boobs in Qatar Twitter

Similar racy Christmas photos can be seen in plenty on Noe's Instagram account.

On Tuesday, she shared a video of herself smiling and giving the thumbs up while flying, along with the caption, "Start the ship for once before they come to pick me up at 1pm."

Argentina fan topless
The two Argentina fans revealed on Instagram that they hired artists to paint their breasts Instagram

"And I dedicate this flag to you my friends, family and all the people of Quilmes and the southern zone who always support me with messages and such beautiful words for expressing their pride and good wishes that I know they do from the bottom of their hearts! My whole life is in QUILMES..." she wrote in another post.

"I am proud to have been born in the city of beer... From Ezpeleta-Quilmes to the world."

Lucky Escape

Argentina fan flashing
The Argentina fan seen topless as she flashed her boobs to the crowd after her country's World Cup win Twitter

The two blonde Argentine fans went viral on social media after they were caught on camera flashing her breasts to the cheering spectators behind them when a security guard noticed she was topless and ordered her out of the stadium.

Other supporters on social media are worried about their safety because no information about her whereabouts has been released since then. However, they seem to be back to their homeland after evading arrest.

Argentina fan flashing
The blonde was reportedly escorted out of the stadium by security personnel Twitter

Women traveling to Qatar for the World Cup were instructed to follow the country's stringent dress codes, which include prohibiting the wearing of tight apparel.

Even though non-Qatari women are not required to don the long, black robe known as the abaya, they are nevertheless required to cover their shoulders, midriffs, and knees with skirts, dresses, or pants.

Additionally, women entering the Arab country are not permitted to display any cleavage or wear attire that is too tight. Fans were forewarned that they would need to follow Qatar's strict, traditional customs in the run-up to the tournament.

The Qatar Tourism Authority stated: "Visitors (men as well as women) are expected to show respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public.

"It is generally recommended for men and women to ensure their shoulders and knees are covered."

Also, the frequently glamorous WAGs were advised to wear scarves around the necks in order to conceal their chests.

Ivana Knoll, a 26-year-old Croatian model known as the World Cup's "sexiest fan," disobeyed the strict dress code laws of the Muslim country by donning a variety of provocative costumes, including swimsuits, while adamantly claiming she doesn't fear arrest.

This article was first published on December 20, 2022