Ivana Knoll: Ex-Miss Croatia Stuns at World Cup Final as She Shows Bulging Bum in Skin-Tight Leggings after Amassing 3.2 Million Instagram Followers

Knoll became somewhat of a celebrity in Qatar because of her raunchy outfits and the desire to express herself.

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Croatia's Qatar World Cup journey ended with a 3-0 semifinal loss to Argentina but for Ivana Knoll, Sunday's final was yet another opportunity to give spectators a glimpse of her bold outfits. The ex-Miss Croatia, who has been dubbed the World Cup's biggest fan, left one of her most raunchy outfits to the World Cup final.

Knoll became somewhat of a celebrity in Qatar because of her raunchy outfits and the desire to express herself. Knoll left little to the imagination of the fans with the daring outfits she donned throughout the tournament that have not only raised a few eyebrows but also have won her millions of fans on social media.

Her Raunchy Outfit

Ivana Knoll World Cup Final
Ivana Knoll was seen in this bum-bulging skin-tight leggings at the World Cup Final Twitter

On Sunday, Knoll was present at the Lusail Stadium to watch the final between Argentina and France. It is not known whom she was cheering for but her bold outfit made heads turn even in the most tension-filled match of the tournament. Knoll has mostly been spotted wearing her red and white cheetah-patterned bra throughout the competition to show her support for Croatia.

However, on Sunday, she slipped into the most daring outfit of the tournament. She wore a short crop top with a navy blue and black pattern, but she did not wear her famous red and white cheetah-print bra.

Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll Twitter

However, she left nothing to the imagination with her choice of skin-tight leggings, even though the top half was more modest than what she has previously worn.

Knoll's pure white skin-tight leggings gave her followers something to look at. And they unquestionably highlighted her back to a startling degree.

Her Success Story

Over the past month, Knoll has frequently been seen being photographed with fans. So much so that even Qatari men too have been spotted lusting over her and clicking her photos. Needless to say, the World Cup made Knoll a celebrity.

She has been requested for interviews and at the end of the tournament left the Middle East with almost 3.2 million Instagram followers and at one time during her stay in Qatar she was garnering 200,000 followers a day.

"The number of people who like me around the world is almost the same as the population of my country," she told Mailonline as she made her way to Croatia vs. Morocco third place play-off match on Saturday.

Ivana Knoll
Ivana Knoll Twitter

"The World Cup was amazing and I am sad it's almost over. As regards to my Instagram account, I could never have dreamt this could happen to me.

"I came here with 570,000 followers, now I have 3.2million and that does make me smile. It is almost the same number as the population of my country," she said. Every time she entered a football stadium during the World Cup, she was surrounded by fans who wanted to hug and take photographs with her.

Besides, Ivana has received letters from some of the football stars themselves as well as marriage proposals from fans.

Ivana, who divides her time between Miami and Zagreb, has made headlines in her home country and has been welcomed to events by FIFA after appearing on stadium screens during games.

She was required to put away her skimpy attire and show up in a red over-the-knee evening dress when Qatar invited her to dinner on Friday.