Argentina's WAGs Forced to Flee Team Hotel in Qatar after Late Night Power Outage, Day After Lautaro Martinez's Partner Agustina Gandolfo Was Rushed to Hospital

They were urgently transferred to a different upscale hotel on an island, with less than 72 hours before the team's championship match against France.

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Controversies continue to pile up at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar despite just days left for the tournament to come to a close. This time it is the Argentina football team that went berserk after a number of WAGS were caught up in a late-night drama while they were partying to celebrate the team's semifinal win over Croatia.

According to Sportsmail, several of the wives and girlfriends of the Argentina players were forced to flee their hotel in the middle of the night after a power outage that left the establishment completely dark. This comes just a day after Agustina Gandolfo, the partner of Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez, was taken to the hospital after she found glass in her drink at a Doha nightclub.

Nightmare for the Beauties

Argentina WAGS
The wives and girlfriends of Argentine football players Twitter

Not only the WAGS but also the parents and kids of players had to be taken out of the five-star Waterfront Hotel because they felt unsafe there as the entire establishment was left dark. It is not known what caused the power outage but the wives and girlfriends were left screaming after the power went off in the middle of the party.

The panicked WAGs and other family members immediately decided to leave the hotel. They were urgently transferred to a different upscale hotel on an island, with less than 72 hours before the team's championship match against France.

Augustina Gandolfo
Augustina Gandolfo seen in blue t-shirt at a Qatar stadium Twitter

A source close to the team's WAGS said, "The Argentines have paid a lot of money and do not expect to have to sit in darkness in their hotel rooms - and there were safety issues too.

"Many of them have young children and babies and after talking to the players and other staff, they decided to move."

The incident took place just a day after Agustina Gandolfo, the girlfriend of Argentina striker Lautaro Martinez, was brought to the hospital after discovering pieces of glass in her drink at a party in Doha, per The Sun.

The 26-year-old businesswoman from Mendoza was reportedly out at a mall celebrating Argentina's semifinal victory over Croatia with her sister and her sister's partner when they told security that they had found glass inside a bottle.

She went to the doctor out of concern that she had consumed some of the glass. Medical professionals who evaluated her were confident she had not been hurt.

Silencing False Claims

Although she was safe locals later made claims that Gandolfo may have planted the glass in her drink at a club at a Qatar mall herself to show the country in poor light. However, Gandolfo reportedly hit back at speculation that she and the group planted glass in their own drinks, saying on Instagram: "A disgrace, we have the complaint and witnesses at the club."

Gandolfo and Martinez welcomed a daughter, Nina Martinez, in February 2021.

The Waterfront is one of the seven hotels at the center of a dispute over payment terms with tour companies Khaya and its Sheikh owners. A number of disputes have broken out with assertions by the operators that customers were required to make additional payments while checking into rooms that had been reserved in advance at agreed-upon rates.

"Two weeks before the World Cup we received demands from the hotels demanding an extra $550,000 even though we had pre-paid $10million. We are now assessing what legal steps are open to us," Khaya CEO Volkhard Bauer said told Sportsmail.