Are ghosts real? Exorcist claims his wife was hunted by an evil spirit from Ouija board

Spiritualists strongly believe in the existence of spirits, and they claim that humans start their eternal journey after death

life after death

Modern science believes that death is the end of everything, and human consciousness dies after the last breath. However, spiritualists and religious books argue that humans start their eternal journey after death in the form of spirits. An exorcist has now claimed that his wife was attacked by an evil spirit while he was performing a seance with an Ouija board.

The mindblowing ghostly claims

It is Reverend Shawn Whittington, who is a registered Exorcism Deliverance Minister based in Las Vegas who shared his mindblowing ghostly experience after using the Ouija board. The registered Catholic exorcist made these remarks in a podcast called 'Beyond Reality'.

"Unfortunately the first extremely malevolent case that we came across, I didn't recognize the signs and so I was very stupid and ignorant as to how to properly use an Ouija board or even if they should be used. I don't use them or touch them anymore but we used an Ouija board in this case and did a seance and I believe now that it caused something to come through and attach to us and it followed us home that night and took up residence in our home for about eight weeks," said Whittington, the Daily Star reports.

Targeting the exorcist's wife

The exorcist added that his wife was the primary target of the spirit, and due to the evil ghost's influence, she apparently developed three different forms of rare cancer.

"It left her with three very rare forms of cancer and she didn't drink, didn't smoke, she was the healthiest person I knew, no history of cancer in her family. She had a feeding tube in for over a year and she wasn't expected to live, so I did a lot of crawling on my hands and knees on my prayer chapel many nights while she was basically, literally, dying at home," added Whittington.

Fortunately, Whittington's wife survived, and he strongly believes that it was his prayers that helped his wife to recover from cancer.

Even though modern science has found no evidence of ghosts, exorcists like Whittington strongly believe in the presence of these unknown entities, and the allegedly invisible beings continue to baffle the human mind.