Near death experience
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People who have suffered a near-death experience have claimed that a dying person will be greeted by their deceased loved ones. This has been reiterated by several such sufferers, giving rise to the hope that we will indeed be reunited with our beloved people in the afterlife.

The website Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), which describes itself as the "perfect mix of science, community, spirituality and service," works towards understanding near-death experiences better. They collect stories from people who have gone close to death and had some sort of afterlife experience.

In all the accounts given by numerous such people, similar narrative emerges, wherein they speak of encountering their loved ones as a sort of guide during the experience.

Sufferers' account

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The sufferers have said that these visions help them to choose between staying in the world and moving to the other side. "I knew the decision was to stay or to come back. At that moment, I had an opportunity to view my life," says Lauren K, who had suffered a near-fatal car accident. She claims to have been visited by her deceased grandfather, who had encouraged her to make a decision.

Another near death experience (NDE) sufferer says, "I was advancing towards a white light, at the end of this Passing into or through a tunnel, which was very bright. My little brother Philippe, who died 12 years before, took me by the hand and was smiling to me while taking me in front of the light. A strong, but not nasty voice, asked me why I wanted to die." She answered that she missed her little brother awfully and could not bear the resentment which her mother bore towards her after her brother's death, reports

Stories of hope

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Several other people have shared their encounters, where they were all greeted by a loved one or relative before going into the "white light." All the encounters have been loving and peaceful, with no horror stories to report.

These accounts serve as rays of hope for people who are bereft of their loved ones and wish to meet them in their afterlife.

The website NDERF also conducts research into NDE and its relationship with psychology and working of our brain.