Life after death or human brain's survival trick? Woman claims to have seen a blue-eyed boy during NDE

The near-death experience testimonial shared by Adria has made many people believe that life after death is real

life after death
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As per modern neuroscience, Near Death Experience (NDE) is a phenomenon that is being caused due to disturbed multisensory integration during life-threatening events. During these moments, the human brain will adopt a survival trick to meet the decreased oxygen supply, and it will result in visual hallucinations. However, ardent religious believers claim that near-death experience is authentic evidence of life after death. These people also believe that humans will start their eternal endless journey after death.

The mindblowing NDE experience faced by Adria

Recently, a woman named Adria shared her mindblowing near-death experience testimonial on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation website. In the testimonial, Adria shared her experience during the verge of death.

"I remember standing in front of the cafeteria with some of my friends. Suddenly, I felt extreme dizziness, lost my balance and fell on the ground. I think this is when I passed out. The next thing I remember is that I was standing in the hallway staring at my body. I was surprised I wasn't in it. I could see my girlfriend calling me and trying to wake me up. I wanted to tell her and my friends that I am was here and that I am fine, but they couldn't hear me. It was like I didn't exist. I could see my girlfriend bursting into tears, but I couldn't talk to her. It was really difficult watching her break like that," wrote Adria.

Adria also claimed to have seen paramedics coming near her to save her life. Surprisingly, the near-death experience victim revealed that she saw a baby boy with dark blue eyes during these moments of death.

"It was odd to see a child come in with the paramedics but nobody tried to keep the child away. It was a baby boy, about 1 to 2 years old. He was very cute with dark blue eyes, pale skin and dark hair. The child was staring at me and acting as he could see me," added Adria.

Humans know when they are clinically dead

A few years back, a study conducted by a scientist named Sam Parnia had suggested that humans will know when they are dead, especially people who suffer cardiac arrests, as their brains still continue to work after clinical death. Parnia made this conclusion after analyzing several cardiac arrest cases in the United States and Europe.

As per Sam Parnia, consciousness in the human body will continue working even after the heart stops beating. The scientist made it clear that the cerebral cortex in the human brain will be active for two to twenty seconds after death, and it plays a crucial role in making patients understand what is going around them.