The mysterious incident where not one but seven dead school children were brought back to life

Spiritualists believe that the testimonials shared by NDE victims are concrete proof of life after death

What happens to humans after death is one of the most perplexing questions mankind has ever faced. Spiritualists, citing holy books reveal that humans start their eternal journey after taking their last breath.

However, medical experts assure that death is the end of everything. A BBC documentary named 'Life after Death: How seven kids came back from the dead' reveals how seven children who died when their boat tipped over in an icy lake mysteriously came back to life.

Coming back to life after death

life after death

In the documentary, one of the survivors named Katrine recalls the horrifying moments when she along with her friends fell into icy cold water and died. The documentary claims that the hearts of these children apparently stopped for several hours. However, in the largest known incident of its kind, all the children were brought back to life.

"I remember now. It was so freezing, it was so cold. There was ice on the water. When I came up from the water, the nightmare began. Everybody was screaming and everything was unreal. You could just see the panic. The teacher said that we had to swim in because otherwise, we would die," said Katrine.

Dr Michael Jaegar Wansche, who treated the children and brought them back to life revealed that the icy cold temperature had played a crucial role in saving them.

"They felt cold - they were ice cold. When you're as cold as they were, we know we can resuscitate. They are dead, but they're not really dead. We still had a chance. We aimed at warming the blood one degree per 10 minutes," said Wansche, reports. Interestingly, further scans revealed that there were no damages to the survivors' brain.

Woman sees blue-eyed boy during a near-death experience

A few days back, on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website, a woman named Adria shared her mindblowing near-death experience (NDE). In the testimonial, the NDE victim claimed that she saw a blue-eyed boy on the verge of death.

The testimonial shared by Adria soon went viral online, and spiritualists strongly argued that the words of the NDE victim are a strong indication of life after death. However, medical experts believe that the survival technique adopted by the human brain during life-threatening events is resulting in these visual hallucinations.