Apple Watch helps woman escape rape, assault in Calgary

An Apple Watch prevented the rape of a woman in Calgary earlier this year, after the wearable device was used to call the cops following a break-in attempt.

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The Apple Watch is packed with a host of apps and features that have helped save a number of lives over the years since its launch. The smartwatch's life-saving capabilities are grabbing headlines again for saving the life of a Canadian woman and preventing her from being sexually assaulted earlier this year.

The watch's Fall Detection feature recently saved the life of a hiker and his girlfriend who fell off a cliff by detecting their fall and immediately calling emergency services. In March, the device's heart-rate sensor prompted a man to visit the hospital after his heart-rate crossed the 200bpm mark and prevented a heart attack. According to the Calgary Herald, a woman's Apple Watch came to her rescue after she realized there was an intruder in her room.

The woman was sleeping on the couch in the living room after a tiring night shift when she woke up to see a shadowy silhouette of a man in the room. She tried to reach out for her iPhone but it was no longer where she had left it before dozing off. The woman then realized that she was wearing her Apple Watch on the arm draped over her head and immediately texted her boyfriend to ask if he had come home, but to her shock he replied with a no.

Realizing that the man in her room was an intruder, the woman messaged her partner to call the cops. The man approached the woman and was close enough for her to feel his heavy breathing but she pretended to be asleep. When the police arrived and knocked on the door, the man moved to the kitchen, allowing the woman to make a run for the door.

The suspect was identified as 33-year-old John Joseph Macindoe. Police recovered a black bag that belonged to Macindoe, which contained several items such as a balaclava, large knife, zip ties, condoms, lubricant and a ball gag. A search of the suspect's home also found the woman's picture as the screensaver on the suspect's computer, and zip lock bags containing clumps of the woman's hair and two pairs of her underwear.